What Do You Want More? - Tara Hammett

What Do You Want More?

The BUFFET or The BODY??
repeating this little mantra
‘What do I want more?’ is what helped Jennifer get through a wedding recently
whilst being mindful she really really wants to lose weight.
She still had an amazing time at the wedding.
All those fab things that help us make wonderful memories but this time it came with a difference.
She stayed mindful of what she wanted more.
Instead of getting so drunk she munched her way through so much junk at the buffet and
made her way through hang over stodge the next day, she woke up fresh, proud and a bit smug that
she was feeling fresh as a daisy.
And now….she’s lost 12.5lbs….that’s nearly a stone in 5 weeks!!
Anyway….I go on more in the video about how you can lost 12.5lbs and still enjoy yourself doing whatever you want to do.
Have a watch
Tara xx
P.S Be prepared for some bragging posts soon…..the girls that just finished the 21 day programme have shared their results. I hope these awesome girls will inspire you to join in the next one starting this weekend xx
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  • May 30, 2017