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What do you REALLY see in the mirror?

Last night I was having a text convo with a friend.
We’re little QB”s
*Quote Buddy’s
He’s into mindset reading,
positivity and
helping to EMPOWER others too.
I said how I often feel worried and
nervous about some of the things that
I do.
He replied ‘That’s refreshing to hear…’
And I get it.
I’m sure many kinda think
that everything is AMAZEBALLS for
me as I seem to positive and happy all day long
That’s all about perception.
I suppose when you see all of the
motivational stuff I share with you, it may appear that
one of the biggest challenges I face
during my day is which
CRAZY leggings to choose from.
(Although that is a tough choice – ha)
There’s always something going on in all of our lives
and minds where we find it
we want to do something,
but we can’t help but WORRY
WORRY about what others will think
what they’ll say
That FEAR of Failure.
Further into the Text Talk
I said about those that we worry about
are no significant in our lives.
The talkers
The judgers
The haters
What THEY fail to realise is that when
they’re quick to be negative about the
people putting it out there and doing something for THEMSELVES,
They’re neglecting their own business
and continuing to be unhappy and miserable themselves.
“Life is a mirror, and will
reflect back to the thinker
what he thinks into it”
When you worry about what
other peoples think of you, it may lead to
SELF DOUBT and feelings of INSECURITY.
Take your mission to CHANGE
When you hate your body
When you REALLY don’t like yourself
and wish you didn’t push others away
When you lose the connection with loved ones and friends.
What do you do to change it?
First you need to take action
Don’t worry about the fear of FAILURE.
Someone thinking…
“Ah you’re gonna waste your money again,
because you never see anything through”
Believe in yourself
and say YOU CAN
Surround yourself by
like-minded people that
will lift you and remind you that YOU CAN
Take one SMALL step NOW
starts on Monday.
It’s only 7 days
7 Days to have a helping hand
with me and the team to help you
on the road to change.
You’ll have recipes, so you
can eat healthier and then start to lose the weight.
You’ll have mindset tips & advice, so you
can feel more positive then start to feel MORE CONFIDENT
You’ll have SUPPORT, so you see it through to
the end then start feeling proud of achieving the results.
To secure your spot with me click the link below
The past week or so I’ve been accepting many
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Lots worried about applying as this is my
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But many worried about the investment in themselves
and how much it would cost.
If you’re one of them….test your SUCCESS with this
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ever make!
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
I’ll be opening the EXCLUSIVE Support group later today – WOO HOO XX
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