What am I doing wrong? | Tara Hammett

What am I doing wrong?

Day 1 of Detox week has kicked off.
There are loads of freshly prepared
meal pics being posted in the group.
We’re getting our walking and exercise
in and the EXCITEMENT is up there
for the next 7 days of change.
Many reading these emails
haven’t joined in.
Are you one of them?
If so, I’d love to hear from you…
What’s your reasons for regularly
opening the emails but not joining in?
What would you like to see or learn or
know that would make you think
OMG – I can’t afford to NOT do this program.
Do you hate being stuck in a rut?
Wonder why you try so hard but get NOWHERE
and need help to resolve it?
I’ve got ideas
BIG IDEAS for bringing
even more information to you but
unless I’d doing more things right,
I’m not sure it will work.
I want you to let me know what you really WANT.
Hit reply and send
me an email.
I will absolutely LOVE reading it and
learning from you
And whilst on the subject of inspiring,
I loved these quick little tips from Robin Sharma
of how to feel better and be BRILLIANT
* Get enough rest. It’s a key factor in high performance + longevity.
* Focus on how far you’ve come versus how far you still have to go.
* Make the time to thank those who have encouraged you along the way. 
* Do more things that make you happy.
* When you stumble, just say “I am sorry”. * When you hurt, just feel the hurt. 

* When you love, just trust in it fully.

* Remind yourself that health is wealth.
And should you lose yours,
nothing will be more important than getting it back.* Protect your mindset.

Negative stimuli have never been so everywhere.
So please: Less news and more beauty.
Less gossip and more art.
Less grumbling and more gratitude. * Learn from the past but don’t wallow in it.

* Laugh at yourself.
Life’s too short to take yourself too seriously. 

* Trust that blaming others is excusing yourself.

Love those :-))))))
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I’m on MAJOR detox too….Hen weekends
in Ibiza are not the healthiest – GAH! xx
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