What a mistake I made! - Tara Hammett

What a mistake I made!

What an EPIC fail I had yesterday.


Did you see my Facebook status?

I was meeting someone at 1:30pm in Aberavon yesterday, and silly old me

went to Aberdare…45 whole minutes in another direction!



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Look, geography isn’t my strongest point and we

all make mistakes but we learn from them!


Just like so many

make mistakes when it comes to

weight loss and health.


Falling for a quick, short term, faddy fix.


Forcing more exercise onto

al already stressed out body.


Doing the wrong type of exercise to help you create that

healthier, smaller YOU and

eating all the wrong stuff!


Luckily, one of my strong points

is knowing exactly what to do to

Lose weight

Flatten your stomach

Tone your muscles

Allow you to eat soooooo much food…yummy food!


Feel brilliant from

better sleep!


MY online 21 day program to you

is a little bit like having a guide car to follow

yesterday for me.


My personal ‘I know exactly how to

get your there safely and quickly’ driver would have pointed

me in the right direction every step

of the way and I would have been totally

confident of getting to my goal at the end.






Ok…hopefully I’ll see you

in the TARAnsformation team!


I’m off to drive myself to my first client

on Swansea Bay…think I know how to get there, but

it’s a bit foggy this morning!!


Oh dear


Keep fit & fab!

Tara xx

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Tara Hammett