Well. It could have been WORSE - Tara Hammett

Well. It could have been WORSE


During last nights Live Facebook video we talked about
“It Could Have Been Worse”

Many of the girls in the programmes have started their Christmas Partying
(Like you maybe)
And they’re all enjoying,
Indulging and saying

“I was a bit naughty…but it could have been worse”

…and the best bit, they’re all still losing or at its worst – staying the same weight.

So how about you?

Are you dreading all the parties that are coming up?
Are you being really good in the week so you can let your hair down the weekend?

All of these things can make a big difference between wearing THAT DRESS you’ve been looking forward to or…..opting for Plan B because you feel too bloated for the slimmer outfit.

My biggest message right now is
look forward to everything and enjoy.

But what will you be doing the majority of the time?

When you’re drinking, choose the lower calorie drinks to get merry with
When you’re eating, choose the best options off the menu that I can help you order
When you’re needing to keep fit & toned,
do those super fast AMRAP workouts that won’t take long in your super busy days.
(AMRAP = As Many Rounds As Possible. We do these in the party programme)


Whilst you’re staying fitter and healthier this Christmas,
be in with a chance of winning over £350 worth of amazeballsness with ME in the
New Year.

This isn’t a prize of stuff that you can use and put in the cupboard once the novelty has worn off.

This is spending 12 weeks with me, in the New Year being SUPER ACCOUNTABLE to
changing your lifestyle, your body, your health.

But it’s only going to be won by the BEST Taransformer.

I don’t want to give the prize to a free loader that wants to be ‘in it to win it’

I want to give this to someone that deserves it and is prepared
to show me that they’re up for putting work in to get results.

Someone that’s 100% up for MASSIVE change in 2017 and is gonna make me, themselves and
everyone else proud and inspired by them.

So from this moment onwards, I’ll looking out for that person.

Some who have already joined the Party SOS Programme are already on my Radar,

Will you be that person?


The 2 week programme opens on Friday.

Join in,
Get your friends joining in,
IT’s gonna be a fab build up to a Glam and Exciting Christmas

Hope to see you in the team


P.S Last night I asked in the LIVE video – are you worth £20?

Because that’s all the programme is.



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  • November 29, 2016