Watch my show on BBC next week! - Tara Hammett

Watch my show on BBC next week!

I’m going to be back on your TV screen next Thursday!

Woo Hoo!

Right on top of our Easter celebrations!

The TV programme I filmed with the BBC and DVLA last year is
being shown again next Thursday 17th April.

I’m so excited again…and soon I’ll be able to tell you
more about my future plans.

As you may know one of my New Year goals
was to read more and the oohs I’m choosing are
so inspirational. They’re really helping to develop my thoughts and
make better decisions.

I’ve been thinking BIG, but not only thinking
Acting on it too!

We can’t expect everything to land in our
laps all the time.

Is there something you know you should do to help you make change?

Send an email, make a call, even
go somewhere and show your face?

Perhaps you don’t even need to contact
another person but you need to act on yourself.

So something simple like find your trainers,
spend 5 extra minutes prepping your meals or even
taking half an hour away from the TV to
ready a personal development book yourself?!

Or even emailing me with a question you’ve been
dying to ask but maybe have been too shy to so far.

Just do it guys!

So here’s the link to the BBC page where you can watch some of the
clips from our filming last year.

Keep fit, fab & watching TV next Thursday! 😉

Tara xx

P.S tomorrow I’ll tell you all about my sports massage client I had that grabbed both my hands
and demanded that I ‘Feel them!’ Maybe you have them too and you want my tips
on how to get rid of them!

  • April 11, 2014