WASTE of time…??? | Tara Hammett

WASTE of time…???

I was having chatting with a lovely lady on the weekend and during our convo she questioned me

"Tara, I see you doing all the nice food and exercise and everything with Danny, do you ever sleep?" lol

and of course the answer is a big YES

I love it, it's so important and making sure I get enough is what 

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helps me through each day with plenty of energy - especially as I am up between 5am-6am.

Most of the time I'm in bed by 9:30.

Obviously there's time where I'm up later and I may get up later, but on the whole - if I want to feel my best and do my

Days are busy and we all need to feel on top of our game.

With more sleep you'll:

  • Feel better
  • Be more energetic
  • More patient
  • Be stronger at making good decisions
  • Have the energy to workout
  • Have the willpower to make good food choices

All these things contribute to a happier, healthier lifestyle

One thing I do NOT do at the mo is...

Watch Love Island

I just did a small amount of research.

It's on every night at 9pm for 8 weeks!!!! 

Plus, if you want to waste even more time staying up late theres an additional show on after called Aftersun.

So as a minimum, you could be missing out on 56 hours of you time if you're hooked on it - even more time if you watch the after show

For me...sleep is far more important. 

For anyone that ever says they're 'too busy', 'too tired', 'too blah blah' when it come to excuses not to lose weight then what do you want more?

  • Love Island or the body?
  • Love Island or more confidence?
  • Love Island or more energy?

Over the next 8 weeks love Island will drain people of 56 hours worth of

  • Sleep
  • Time to exercise
  • Food Prep
  • Spending actual quality time with someone 
  • Reading

The way that we are right now is all down to choices we have made

I'm not completely bashing Love Islander Lovers....people have got to do what they want to do and what makes them happy and if that's what you enjoy - great, watch on.

Granted, we all need downtime, but can it be better spent?

But if you're wanting to make change and find you're always tired, lethargic,
want to find some motivation but struggling....look at what you're doing each day.

Are your actions serving you or are you doing the same stuff over and over, staying the same.

Yesterday I invested a bit of time into some meal prep and created a gorgeous Cajun Spiced Turkey & Quinoa Mix. It made 6 meals so I'll save time with food, stay on track with food that tastes amaze and have plenty of time.....to sleep, or play or read or workout or have a chat with someone fab.

Our time is precious - spend it wisely and make every day count

Have a fab day, stay motivated and if you need any help with anything - hit reply

Tara Hammett