Want to WIN? Guess the Song! - Tara Hammett

Want to WIN? Guess the Song!

There’s this song that I just absolutely love
and EVERY SINGLE TIME I play it at the mo,
no matter how I’m feeling, this gets me
into a peak state and not only do I feel
Fab, but I sing it on the
top of my voice.

(If you heard me sing you’d know,
that’s not good)

In fact, one day I sang and danced
this song as my greeting to Louise
in work and I also treated Justin to
me singing too….”You liked that then”
was his response.

I translated “killed that” into
“You stormed it babes”

Half full all the time see 🙂

Anyway…read the words..

Here’s your test today..

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Can you guess what the song is?

Email me back if you get it.

(I’ve left the chorus out – I can’t make it
too easy)

You can do ANYTHING that you want to do
With your mind body and soul
Do it,
I want (I want)
I will (I will)

It’s a difficult world and you got to prove
That you’re ready and YOU CAN DO IT
Nothing in this world can stop you
I know
fulfil MY DREAMS…

In fact – I’ve just decided…
I’ll choose a winner at random and
you can get either a FREE copy of
one of my eBooks or you can
have a 15 minute Skype
Coaching Call with me.

OMG – I love instant decisions!!

And in other news…The Detox group
did AMAZING and I’m so excited about a brilliant
development that will be coming with the Detox Program.

TARAnsformers have officially kicked
off their fat burning with 12 minutes of
working out in exchange for up to 36 hours
or raising the metabolism.

Ok…Now work out the song,
email me and also SING IT on the
top of your voice with real passion behind the words.

It’s so true!


Keep Fit, Fab & Singing!

Tara xx

P.s if you ask really nice, maybe I’ll treat you to my version
of it too! 😉


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