[Video] When you ASK, you GET - Tara Hammett

[Video] When you ASK, you GET

“I’ve just read your email which says what
you get in the 21 day programme, but I’m rubbish
at technology and not sure I’ll be able to do it”
That was Steph’s email to me….
TBH I’m not the best.
I know my social media stuff ok, but
when it comes to techy stuff
I hate it.
I have two Tech Gods who
do it all for me.
So when we designed the programme,
we knew we needed to make it simple.
It’s hard enough having to do the work
to get the body you want and lose up to
16lbs like Emma just has.
So this video shows you just how EASY it is.
And if you have any more questions,
send em to me.
Or join and pop em in the group.
Tara xx
  • May 2, 2016