Vid: Celebs, I'm Jobless & YOUR PROMISE! - Tara Hammett

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Vid: Celebs, I’m Jobless & YOUR PROMISE!

I  am seriously shaking as I type this…glad

I’m not typing much and its a video today.


I did a bit of boxing in

my training yesterday and my arms

are feeling it today and still shaking.


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I’m also sporting symmetrical

bruises on my hands – I’m rock!


Anyway, check out this video and


Not only because I pull some fab faces,

(as you’ll see below) but you’ll

understand when I send you the words in

another email!


Click on this link to watch NOW




What;s your promise to yourself?

Send me your declaration!


Also, today is the last day to

join the Detox program.


Registration closes tonight and

I won;t be letting any

late people in sorry


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Keep fit & fab


Tara xx


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Tara Hammett