Urgh...My Food Hangover - Tara Hammett

Urgh…My Food Hangover

Get that feeling much on a Sunday morning?

(or any other morning…)

I got it

We went for dinner last night in a restaurant which brought out so much Tapas – YUM

A main course with a delicious sauce on the side – YUM

Dessert to share – SUPER YUM

1 Glass of Rose…..don’t want to go too over board 😉

Whilst we did really enjoy trying lots of different flavours, we did feel a bit stuffed but today I’m feeling Errrrrrr

Mainly…I don’t get on very well with garlic

Not only do I find it completely takes over the flavour of most meals,

It repeats on me,

I can taste it for up to 24hours later and it

seems to just drain me of energy.

I try my best to avoid it

(you may notice it’s not in my healthy Taransformer recipes – but you can add it in if you want)

So today I am reminded of why it is always best for me to avoid it

……and I may be on holiday still, but I want to feel good

So I’ll be ditching the indulgences, sticking to food which I do get on with and will banish the bloat and drink plenty of water.

Do you feel like you get bloated, stomach cramps, brain fog, lack of energy after eating certain food.

The weekend is often a time when we over indulge with junk, goodies, alcohol, take-away, buffet food etc and its part of going out, spending time with friends & family, celebrating…..but the feeling afterwards often makes us think “Why did I do that!?!?”

It’s not your fault you do it….All the things that make us feel like this are just so irresistible, and lets face it…no matter how we feel right not, there’s a very high chance we’ll do it again

That’s fine.

It’s what we do in the meantime that matters.

Today in the Taransformer groups we’ll be going through a few tasks and reminding ourselves of what we want more.

We’ll be planning the weeks food


Getting organised and looking back on what we did over the last 7 days to get us to our goals…or not maybe.

If you want to do something similar this is what I recommend you do today (and the rest of the week)

#1 Drink 2 litres of water – Hydration is super important for weight loss and health

#2 Eliminate food with gluten in

#3 Stay away from dairy

#4 Get at least 1 Veggie in at each meal (i’m sure this will be quite a difference for many)

#5 set yourself a goal:

*2/3lbs weight loss

*2/3 HIIT sessions this week

*Get that ‘too tight’ outfit out to remind you to get back into it

Whatever your goal is….you have to do some work to get to it.

Get some clarity and make it clear what you want,

Make a plan and stick to it.

Just take it day by day

…and if you need some help, get my 5 Step Tick sheet out,

get my free shopping list out and just do what I recommend on those.

We’re off for a little morning walk and another day chilling in the sun and dipping in the pool

Have an awesome day

Tara xxx

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  • October 8, 2017