Turn me on! - Tara Hammett

Turn me on!

If you’re not ‘Too Busy’

^^ Top #1 excuse btw ^^
Today has been busy
It’s big one for the TARAnsformers.
The 21 day Challenge team have
reached the end of the challenge.
Tara Hammett, you little beauty!!!!
I’ve lost 10 lbs and 14 inches in 21 days thanks to your
TARAnsformation Program.
Dropped a dress size in 3 weeks!!
You are magical xx Big hugs xx Mwaahhh xx
Another 1lb off this week
o that is a total of 10lbs in 21 days.
Also lost another 3 inches bring that to a total of
11.5 inches smaller X
I am so pleased and will be carrying
on trying to lose more X

Wow finally down into the next stone bracket

and that was despite a total overindulgence

last night of everything you could imagine. Chuffed ????

I’m still wondering whether to join inner circle,

do next 12 week taransformer program or just buy ebooks.

Whatever happens I’m going to keep eating like this.

I’ll defo be doing hiit later too as all better now x



Just weighed, all in all I’ve lost 8lbs???? ????

and I’ll measure when I get home.

Although, last week I was able to do a pair of jeans up

that I haven’t been able to wear for ages ????????.

Main thing for me was getting my food back on track, wich I have.

So I’m super happy.

That’s just 4 of the team who have

been doing the 21 day challenge.

And this week….there’s a new team all excited for change.

The detox started today and the girls

are loving THE FOOD ALREADY.


You on a Summer Body mission?

(I’m getting a bit stricter this week too-

hols in 3 weeks)

we’re all the same




No different.

We all want the same





but there is one big difference between

those that are successful and those that aren’t.


Successful people are willing to pay the price, whatever it is and

for as long as it takes, until they

achieve the results they desire.

Everyone wants to be successful, but most

are not willing to go all in.

Balls deep

Occasionally, you may be willing to pay part

of the price,

but not willing to pay the whole price.

You may hold back.

Have some excuse or rationalisation for not disciplining

yourself to do EVERYTHING that you need to do to achieve your goals.

So here’s your first job to do to be successful.

Learn what you need to learn in order

to achieve the success you desire

Learn from the experts – Moi

Learn from those that have done it – Other TARAnsformers

Read my posts

Listen to my podcasts

Copy my recipes

Follow me in my workouts

Ask me for advice

Just doing one of these and taking action could

change the direction of your life.

Do it NOW


Not next week when you see the success

of the detoxers

Not 28 days time when you see the success of those in

the 21 day challenge (You can join here now)

Not in 12 weeks time when you read about the Life TARAnsformers

and WISH you had done something sooner.




Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S don’t forget I’m LIVE on Facebook at 8:30pm tonight.
Also got to the notifications and TURN ON Live Video and click on ‘See First’
  • April 25, 2016