Too old to exercise - here are the facts! - Tara Hammett

Too old to exercise – here are the facts!

So this is my morning so far……

25 min walk whilst learning
about the thyroid (I”m going
to have some brilliant info for you
on that soon)

Quick shower,
salted carmel green tea
(OMG I”m sure me and the
TARAnsformers have
contributed to a stock shortage)
my greens drink and supplements,
dashed to the club for a quick
PT session then back home
here to send this email in-between
more clients.

and today, following an email from Lynne
I have the answer to age and health.

“… I too old at 60 to
take part in your detox program.
I have always been a weight watcher member.

Same old story, I reach my goal, give up doing the
class resulting in putting all the
weight back on”

in addition to other comments Lynne finished
by saying she felt fat & frumpy all the time which results in
comfort eating…its a vicious circle.

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So I’m going to answer this in multiple

1. you are never too old to look after your health.

2. If you’re in a viscous circle, break the pattern
and do something brand new

3. the detox program is suitable for anyone. Many allergens are removed from
this plan so whether you have a lactose, gluten, nut
or any other allergy you can follow the program.

4. the exercise advised in the program is walking,so
will be suitable for any fitness level.

5. it is so important to learn how to eat
real food (Not branded, ‘diet’ versions of stuff) so you
educate yourself on your choices and reduce the
chance of…’reaching goal, stopping
going to classes and putting it back on’

6. exercising at any age is important for
circulation, heart health, strength, bone health. So do it,
but if you’re brand new and have health
conditions it will always be advisable to
speak to a professional first.

7.The detox program will help you break plateaus,
learn why it’s important to detox and
set you up for long term success…not short term,

8. we focus on mindset and how to
think more positive, so we also touch on
how to improve your outlook.

9. This is only 7 days, but they may
be the most educational with reference to
food, drink, lifestyle.

10. Invest in yourself. Even if it’s not
this program (I know it’s not for
everyone), but investing time a bit of time
or even money in YOU is so important
and could be the best gift you give yourself.

Ok…..I hope those tips help
no matter what your age, fitness level
or health is.

Have a gorgeous day!

Tara xxx

p.s I’ll share some recipes with you next week.
Anything you fancy??

Tara Hammett