Too FAT to take her little one swimming - Tara Hammett

Too FAT to take her little one swimming

Sharing Gemma’s fantastic results with
you yesterday was a very POWERFUL
way of inspiring
so many.
Personally – I was IMPRESSED
with how many people reached out to me
asking questions about how
I can help them
HELP them lose weight
HELP them get healthier
HELP them get their body back.
and Gemma….BLOWN AWAY.
First she said she felt really vulnerable,
but was DELIGHTED with how many people
congratulated her.
and she certainly inspired many people
to AT LEAST complete the application
for my FINAL Life TARAnsformer Program
this year and help them make the change they want.
I spoke on the phone to many yesterday,
including Steph.
Steph is getting married next year and
she hasn’t been to look for her wedding dress yet.
She HATES her body
She doesn’t want to go and try one on and
feel so fat that it makes her feel even more miserable.
She she is also so LOW in confidence that
she HATES chasing her little girl in the park
because she thinks everyone can see her
And she’s too EMBARRASSED to
take her little girl swimming.
She’s tried to go it alone in
her mission to lose weight so she can get excited.
Goes to the gym from time to time
(Not too sure if what she’s doing is the best though)
But she struggles with mealtime.
Making different things for the family and
trying to get by on salads all the time
She ends up eating leftovers and
caving half way through the week.
Steph knows she NEEDS this program,
otherwise it’s going to be a disappointing build up
to the wedding.
She NEEDS it as she wants to start feeling
excited about it, not already feeling
FRIGHTENED about wearing a bikini on the beach for
her honeymoon.
She’s got until June,
and I’ve got 12 exciting weeks to help
get that excitement.
Maybe a few of those feelings
resonate with you.
This can’t go on
The need to do something now.
^^ The application to get on the phone with me
and make the change like Gemma and the other Life TARAnsformers
is there for you ^^
I’m going to be showing Steph
EXACTLY how she can take SMALL STEPS
which will suit her lifestyle BUT
but help her get
EXCITED to go wedding dress shopping and
CONFIDENT enough to take her little one swimming.
This IS my last one this year!
When an opportunity comes your way,
grab it with both hands.
Just take that first step.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S this program has a money back guarantee……and if you don’t even
apply or ask any questions but you’re tempted to try it, I GUARANTEE
you’ll look back in 12 weeks time regretting not doing something nOW
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  • August 13, 2015