Thought I'd explain - Tara Hammett

Thought I’d explain

My reasons for getting into it ‘This soon’

Did you see my live video on Facebook last night?

I was talking about what I’ve been eating in the detox programme and

why me and Deaks have been changing our eating together

(Pregnancy cravings hit him hard too)

I talked about how I’m going to continue my journey with the 21 day programme

along with the rest of the team which opens this weekend ready to start on Monday.

I also talked about why I’ve started the 30 day butt taransformer challenge.

Yes….I’ve lost my butt.. BUMMER (<<< pun)

but more importantly I needed to get my strength back.

Getting up and down from the sofa whilst holding Danny is hard

Getting up and down from the floor was difficult

My back aches when I’m feeding and bending over at bathtime and changing nappy time.

So I needed to get my muscles stronger & more flexible.

I’m kinda doing the 30 Day FitterMum Challenge really.

Small steps to make me a stronger Mum and a bit of a warm up to when I’ll be ready

to get back to the 12 minute HIIT workouts at home and some gym sessions.

Whilst I do this now, I’m also taking the first steps towards my Summer body, but I’m being sensible.

Not doing anything too soon or putting too much pressure on myself.

This is good for me physically and mentally.


I certainly DO NOT want to be one of those looking back in July/August thinking

“I wish I’d done something sooner”

Do you?

NOW is the time to take steps towards that Summer body.

Change your eating

Change your movement

Change your motivation

Change your body

If you really really really want to make changes,

have fallen off the wagon

tripped up with your diet recently

caved at some treats this week which turned into a 4 day junk-fest

Do what you KNOW you should do

(not hide away with guilt & embarrassment)

Get back on it and dedicate the next 3 weeks towards your mission.


Get Fit & Fab

Tara xx

P.S The programme was £55….but this link gets it for £30 for you


  • February 10, 2017