This Is It! - Tara Hammett

This Is It!

Today is the important day

Prep Day

We’ll never really get away from the ‘Start on Monday’ theory of plans and

Sunday is always the important day on how ell the rest of your week goes.

If you’re on a mission to lose weight, 

today I would recommend you do the same as I’m encouraging the girls in the

21 day programme to do:

✔️ Weigh 

✔️ Take your inches on your right arm, chest, waist, hips and right thigh.

✔️ Try an outfit on that you want to fit into 

✔️ Get your food shopping done

✔️ Make a quick plan on what you’ll aim to do for exercise and food for the week

This is THE BEST START to your week.

You’ll know exactly where you are now and be more driven to get to your goal of the week.

Would losing 2-3 lbs be realistic for you and make you feel a bit happier and encouraged?


When you look at what I’ve written, it’s that simple…..but getting up and finding the 

motivation to do it is very different.

I got this message yesterday from one of the gorgeous girls that has had fab

success with the programmes before….

Just to say Hi and to let you know I have just signed up to T21

as I feel I have let too many bad habits back in and need your boot up my bum and some accountability as you always say I know what to do but I’m not doing it! 

Looking forward to getting back to the healthy lifestyle.

So the biggest tip I can give you to go with all those Sunday tasks is


When you declare things publicly (Whether its a small group of people or hundreds of people like I did), you’ve got a better chance of doing what you know you should do then getting what you want.

When you do on your own, the chances are old habits will creep in and you’ll step backwards.


#1 Are you going to do the Sunday prep tasks?

#2 Are you going to join me and the girls in the 21 day programme?

Join now and you’ll get instant access to the group and all the 12 min workouts,

recipes and daily support

Looking forward to transforming more bodies

Tara xx

  • May 7, 2017