I think it's best I stop - Tara Hammett

I think it’s best I stop

Know when the best time is to quit your weight loss health mission?
There’s a pattern with dieting.
You hear about something that loads of people have lost weight on
You decide you’re gonna give it a go.
Get a bit excited and nervous at the same time
You go for it in the beginning and lose some weight –
You treat yourself to something to celebrate your weight loss (GAH!)
You slip a little
See how well all the others are doing and your not,
You hide a bit in the background then think it’s not for you.
It’s too hard and you’ve got too many reasons NOT to work on making the change,
even though you want it so much.
You go out with friends and eat & drink too much
You feel guilty the next day but you just couldn’t help it.
The angel on your shoulder said order the Salad
but the devil said get the Steak & Chips – you deserve it!
(and it’s always washed down better with a glass of wine)
Then you stress out, feel like you’ve let yourself down,
comfort eat and tell yourself you’re a failure…again.
The chances are, this cycle can repeat itself over and over again with every new plan you try until you learn to be a bit kinder to yourself.
We were chatting about this on Monday evening.
We put so much expectation on ourselves that we almost destine ourselves for failure.
Trying to do too much all in one go, getting totally overwhelmed,
don’t see results fast enough (or as fast as that other girl) then think it’s too hard.
Even though you want it more than ever,
Once you do one ‘bad’ thing you seek security in your comfort zone and revert back to what you’ve always done.
In your comfort zone, you feel more in control. You know what will happen, it’s predictable and you feel safe as this way is easy.
But it doesn’t make you happy, because it’s not getting you what you want.
What you want is change and this means many of those feelings that make you a bit scared.
It’s unpredictable,
It requires some hard work
You’ll be challenged
You’ll struggle (like we all have)
You’ll worry about looking life a failure or stupid to others.

We’ve all got insecurities

Nobody is perfect.

We all stumble and don’t get things right the first time but the main thing is to do our best and keep working at it.

If you lose track, get out of routine or cave to the gorgeousness of indulgy food, IT’S FINE!

That’s life, but when you do it, own it then make the next step a better one.

When you’re trying to change a lifetime of unhealthy habits,

It will take time.

Be patient and trust yourself.

There are lessons in everything and you are stronger than you think.

Focus on what you have achieved

What you are proud of and keep looking forward.

Set yourself up with as much support and guidance as possible.

Sharing your feelings is good and you soon realise there’s no need to feel lonely,

we’re all the same and it’s completely normal to feel vulnerable and need some help.

The main thing is…..YOU CAN DO IT

Whatever you want to do, do it

Whoever you want to be, be it

Believe in yourself and you’ll get there…….One little step at a time.

Day by day

Whether you feel you’ve had a bad day,

bad week

or bad Summer trying to do everything to lose weight, tone up and be that positive mindset person you want to be, Never ever ever give up.

Sometimes it may be two steps forward and one step back but, head up gorgeous…

you’re stronger than you think!!

Tara xxxx

  • September 6, 2017