The rumours are true - Tara Hammett

The rumours are true


Not only am I going to tell you about it,
But you can see for yourself.
Just WOW
Lost 23lbs
The end of the 12 week challenge is coming up and she’s only
Got 3.5lbs to go.
Reckon she’ll do it?
I know she will, and we’re all going to be celebrating when we meet
up and take part in a fab photo shoot.
Celebrating success
Celebrating increased happiness
Celebrating confidence
Was it easy and plain sailing?
It took hard work
It took lessons
It took moments of not believing
It took moments of falling off the wagon
I’m not going to sugar coat it, when there’s something
You really really want – you’ve got to work FREAKING HARD for it.
You’ve got to DIG IN
You’ve got to SACRIFICE
That’s exactly what Laura did and she’s looking incredible.
I’ve mentioned this before, but Laura came along to
My event in January where I presented my 5 simple steps to
Transforming your life.
Laura and her fab hubby Dan did what they
Knew they had to do.
So they joined me for the 12 week challenge.
Look at her now.
The weeks have flown by, and the
Results are INCREDIBLE.
Complete body, mind and lifestyle change.
Not just for Laura and her relationship with HERSELF
But with her wonderful hubby and beautiful children.
These guys are an amazing team.
Real life relationship goals going on here.
They’ve worked hard,
They’ve supported each other
They’ve encouraged each other
Through tough times and easy times.
Is it worth it?
Can you do it?
You just need to get started.
Are you ready for PHASE #1 of your body transformation?
All you need is to dedicate 7 days to yourself
Can you do that?
(if not, close this email now, there’s no point reading anymore)
If you think you can or you’re AT LEAST willing to
Give it your best shot you can join me for
7 days in the TARAnsformer Detox week.
Tonight I’m presenting my FREE Detox Webinar
My LIVE 12 min HIIT Workout on Facebook.
If you can’t make either of those, you
May want to click this LINK to see how you can
Still join in and not miss out.
See you later on Facebook
Tara xx
P.S These guys are real people, real proof that the TARAnsformer
Programmes work……like they will for you.
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  • April 21, 2016