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The Radio Show For YOU!



‘Tis me there sporting my brand new Fitta Mamma Fitness Gear which I received this morning.


I’m also sporting my FitBit.

You got one? Or something similar?

Well…Tomorrow morning I’ll be on BBC Radio Wales talking about a recent study where weight loss was monitored to see if you lost more or less when using a tracker.

So I’ll be giving my opinion on fitness gadgets, fads and what I think is

THE ULTIMATE TOOL to use to lose weight and keep it off.

Listen out for me on the BBC Wales Breakfast Show.

Also, if you can’t wait until the morning to listen to my voice, this weeks podcast is also out now.

^^^ Get your motivation there.


Keep fit & fab

Tara  xx

P.S The latest eBook will be out so so so soooooooooon.

As I’m all refreshed from holidays and excited for the next book…..I’m giving ALL my other books away for FREE.

Limited though…….I’ll be sharing the link in my groups on Facebook.

Life TARAnsformers, 21 Team, Inner Circle Team….you’ll be getting the link FIRST

Then my FREE TARAnsformer Group

I’m capping it at 100.

THEN…If there’s copies left, I’ll be sharing the link via email.

  • September 21, 2016