The LAW of Weight Loss - Tara Hammett

The LAW of Weight Loss

Have you seen The Jungle Book yet?

OMG I went to see it yesterday
Anyway…whilst being entertained
by Mowgli and his jungle adventures
one little bit stood out and
it made me think of YOU
Within this Law, this
part stood out:
“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”
Loved it.
We all need each other.
Our Families,
For everything in life.
And for our Body and Lifestyle change……
we need a community of like minded people to
lift us when we struggle.
Take our community of TARAnsformers.
We encourage each other to make ourselves better,
It’s not easy on our own.
We support each other when we want to cave.
We inspire each other with our successes and
get MOTIVATED to get back on the wagon.
Without the Pack it’s harder.
Trying to work things out on our own
we can feel lonely,
do the WRONG things,
make our situation worse.
Once you’re part of a group of people,
you feel connected to one another,
More Confident
In the TARAnsformer
support groups, we have a shared interest…
Lifestyle Change.
We empower each other
We have a way to communicate through our online groups.
We all want connection, growth and
something new.
It’s part of us all as humans.
We need to belong.
One of our most powerful survival mechanisms
is to belong, to contribute and
to be able to take from a group of like minded people.
We’re all drawn to leaders and their ideas and
this sense of community
makes our lives better.
Something inspired you to sign up for
my emails and to read this post now.
Stop following the herds and
take on a new challenge.
This time, get something new.
Make progress towards your goals
and feel proud of yourself.
They say we’re the average of the
5 people we spend most time with.
Add myself and the TARAnsformers to yours.
Turn your SHOULD’s into MUST’s
THEN you will achieve what you want.
When you click on the link,
I’ll give you access to the tools you
need to achieve your body goals and
you can join The TARAnsformer Pack.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S We talked about this in the Podcast today….
I’ll send you the link shortly xx
  • May 3, 2016