The girls that didn't make it - Tara Hammett

The girls that didn’t make it

The Bride Tribe
I was talking the other day about my message I sent
about Motivation and my friend commented and said ‘YOU WERE SO RIGHT’
She then went on to say how she had a bit of an epic fail.
With an exciting wedding coming up my friend set up a whatsapp
group with the Bride and a fellow bridesmaid with every intention that
they would motivate each other to get healthy and lose weight ready for the wedding.
The thing was….They all easily caved.
The intention to support and encourage each other was certainly there, but as they
were so close, it was easy for them to say to each other
‘ah, try again tomoz’
‘oops…same here’
and laugh each attempt off.
So whilst getting support from someone else can be really useful in helping you stay motivated,
it’s important that you can rely on it being sustained.
This is where it’s better to get it from someone that will take on the role to support,
lead and keep you accountable
…or someone that you’d be a bit too scared to say you were naughty>> Like me-LOL
*jokes, although I have been known to make people nervous. No idea why*
And theres another thing >> Urgency.
You know the feeling.
Imagine I said I was gonna pop around your house in half hour.
How quickly would you get up and have the fastest power clean of everything you’ve been putting off, before I turn up.
It’s the same as when people want to lose weight before a big event, or a holiday.
All of a sudden the date is getting nearer,
you haven’t left yourself long and next thing
you find some motivation from somewhere to do what you need to do
(Very often doing the wrong, short term quick fix)
and unfortunately,
as drastic as your action has been pre-event,
the weight gain is equally as drastic.
nothing like a bit of pressure to get you going though.
which brings me on to my next point.
There are only 6 places left in my Life Taransformer 12 week programme.
If you want to take the opportunity and actually
do something to get to your goals.
If not now..when are you going to do it???
^^^ There’s the form to get on the phone with me.
Nothing to be nervous about.
Just excitement about getting up off your butt and doing something for yourself.
P.S In the group we have some new faces and we have some girlies who are returning and ready to take their mission to the next level.
I’ll be sharing some amazing success inspiration in my next message.
  • April 22, 2017