The BEST pill to take for weight loss - Tara Hammett

The BEST pill to take for weight loss

You can get it from me right now.
Yep…”What’s the best pill
I can take so lose weight?”
My answer
It’s called
The “Do what I told you last week and 
This was a question I was asked yesterday
approximately 5 minutes after this conversation….
Tara: “Ok, lets get on the scales”
ANON: “Oh no, I’ve just had a Kit Kat!”
*Tara firmly plants palms to face*
As if the actual Kit Kat is going to
show up there and then as weight gain!!
That kind of mindless eating
along with regular bad habits and bad choices,
IS going to contribute towards weight gain.
Chances are, ANON continued to
eat junk food in small amounts EVERY DAY.
Not THAT is what will show up on the scales.
So we got chatting.
ANON has a wedding to get excited about.
She wants to look GORGEOUS on the day
and is worrying that time is going fast and
it will be here before we know it.
It probably will.
So I gave her some home truths.
WHAT has she done differently since 1st January?
WHAT has changed since 1st January?
So I asked..
“How do you think you’ll feel in August if you’re
EXACTLY the same as you are right now?”
“I can’t even think about it?” was the response.
ANON is in complete control of how she looks and
feels in August and she needs to make change NOW.
Do you?
So we chatted about the incredible results of some of the
team from the 7 day detox programme.
ANON was inspired and has now invested in herself and
downloaded all my recipes and has a meal plan.
Would you like to do this too?
In the Life TARAnsformer meeting last night, one main point
brought up was how everyone is already benefiting from the guidance
and daily accountability.
Do the same too.
Take responsibility and make those changes you really want.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S ANON also asked about the Kit Kat again.
“Why do you want one so much?” I said
” Because I like them” She replied.
” Do you like how your body looks now because of them?” Firm but fair Tara…..
The convo ended 😉
Same goes for you!!!
^^ Treat yourself to trying some new recipes^^
  • February 10, 2016