The BEST GUILT FREE Takeaway Meals for Losing Weight - Tara Hammett

The BEST GUILT FREE Takeaway Meals for Losing Weight

Let’s face it…who doesn’t love a good takeaway meal at the weekend.

A take away, on the weekend with the family & friends. It just fits in nicely with a good chill out. Food, Drink, Good Company and a bit of TV. It’s the perfect antidote to a busy, stressful week and you know what, you deserve it.

Take away food can have a bit of a hammering for being ‘bad’ and ‘naughty’ and yes, you can definitely eat better food, but it doesn’t mean it’s got to be off the radar altogether.You can still have a take away and stay on top of your goals without feeling guilty. I’m gonna share some of my top tips.

Chinese Takeaway

(I had this recently) Instead of the high fat / sugar batters & sauces, order a Foo Yung. It’s like a Chinese omelette and get it filled with chicken, prawns, mushrooms – whatever your fave topping is.


I’m a big fan of chicken shashlik. This is a dry dish with big chinks of chicken and roasted veg. So yum and helps save hundreds of calories compared to over filling yourself with all the sauce, rice, chips, naan, popadums….Oof….and that stuffed ‘I can’t breathe’ feeling never made anyone feel good!


Go for a thin crust, top it with your fave meat / fish / veggies…add a few veggies and set yourself a portion of 2 slices with a big serving of crunchy veg // salad and a dip. Pizza cravings sorted and you’re not going overboard with the fat & calories


Get the BEST quality meat you can and skip the bun. Load your burger with cheese, onions, tomato, gherkins, chili. Have whatever you LOVE LOVE LOVE on your burger.

Enjoy a few fries and again…load up your plate with a big salad or crunchy veg dippers.

We eat with our eyes too so this will look & taste AMAZING.

Alcohol and losing weight

OK, so lets talk alcohol. You can easily cut the calories & sugar by avoiding wine,cider & cocktails and instead join in with the G&T gang. You can half your calories per drink, serve it in one of those lovely big gin glasses and show off with a slice of cucumber/ginger or some frozen berries. SO there’s your tips.

No need to miss out

There’s absolutely no reason why you should miss out on your weekend treats even if you do want to stay on track and lose a few pounds.This is guilt free take away-ing!

Just remember this when your looking at the menu next time!

BWT in the photo attached is a falafel salad box I picked up in Swansea Market today. It was amaze, I absolutely loved it and goes to show there are healthy options when you’re out and on the go.So if you’re in Swansea head on over to the stall….and if not, have a look out for alternatives near you, or try and make it yourself.

  • December 3, 2018