Tara TV: In tonights episode - Tara Hammett

Tara TV: In tonights episode

Detox week is kicking off

OFFICIALLY tomorrow…

Quickly before that, I just want to let you

know that I’ll be LIVE on Facebook at 7:30pm tonight

I’ve had a lot of questions about the detox programme,

so I thought I’d explain a bit more.

So…if you have any Q’s and you don’t want to

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miss the Live Video, make sure we’re friends on

Facebook and like my fitness page and you’ll

get a reminder when I”m on.

Maybe you just want to say HELLO Live?

Although, I would like to know…..

Are you in?

Wondering if it’s for you?


In the program,

this is what We’ve CRAMMED in:

* EASY exercise – only walking so you

can start no matter what your fitness level.

* A HUGE catalogue of recipes which 

will make the detox SIMPLE for you

A PRIVATE Support group so you can stay motivated

for the whole week

* A mixture of meals, snacks, smoothies, salads,

soups & stews so even the biggest FOODIE will feel 

full and have plenty of choice.

* BRILLIANT videos to watch that will answer every

question you may have (and if the answer to

your question its not there – I’ll make it for you)

* My PROVEN lifestyle tips to help

you SPEED UP fatloss

* What I do to stay positive, happier and

take TIME OUT for myself.

* How you can ACCELERATE weight loss

with luxuries such as bubble baths, massage 

and catching up with friends

*The opportunity to stay extra MOTIVATED

as you surround yourself by people JUST LIKE YOU

on the same mission.

* Learn how to eat BREAD, FRIES and ICE-CREAM 

whilst eliminating toxins and beating the BLOATED BELLY

And all of this…

at your FINGERTIPS in one place.


^^ This Place ^^


YES – If you need that KICK UP THE BUTT

YES – if you want to speed up your health goals (Whether it’s weight loss or weight gain)

YES – if you want to think clearer and lose the brain fog.

YES – if you’re SICK of feeling depressed about your body and

KNOW you need to do something.

YES – if you think £20 is worth investing in LEARNING what to do to get what you want.

YES – if you’ve hit a plateau and NO MATTER WHAT you do, you’re getting nowhere.

NO – it’s NOT for you if you’re not ready to put in some work and do something for yourself.

That LAST CHANCE link again


Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S You don’t have to do any LIVE videos if you don’t want to in the detox week…
leave that to me….Tune in at 7:30 tonight with Tara TV on Facebook xx

Tara Hammett