Struggling a bit? - Tara Hammett

Struggling a bit?

Routine is completely out at the moment for so many.

It’s the Summer holidays,

Schools are still off and you may be out and about completely winging it.

A few things some of the girls have been doing and

I have been chatting with them about this week are bringing some struggles:

Getting up later in the morning, meaning they’re missing their morning workout

Out and about more which means they’re grabbing food in a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop which may not be the healthiest.

Feel like they’ve totally lost the plot and on the verge of ‘packing it all in’

This is all driven by guilt.

Guilty that they can make better choices

Guilty that they can’t avoid treats

Guilty that they’re not pushing themselves through more workouts

The thing is with life, it changes all the time and we can’t expect to be rigid in routine all of the time.

Holidays turn up

There’s parties and surely we all want to enjoy them.

It’s all about balance and flexibility.

Whilst I recommend to my clients to have balance with a plate of food

Balance with meals throughout the day

Balance with what you get up to in the week, this also applies to the month and the year.

There’s going to be times when you’re nailing it and really motivated

Probably January,

After Easter,

Just before a holiday or wedding,

September once the kids are back in School

and this will take you right through the run up to the Christmas Parties

So there WILL be times that you’ll have indulgences and feel a little off course.

This doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty about these times or that you’re such

a failure that you may aswell give up the healthy habits.

Always focus on how far you’ve come

what you have achieved

what you have done great at and accept that there can be flexibility.

I was saying to the Life Taransformer girls on Monday about losing weight and being in a calorie deficit.

To lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit,

Now you don’t have to be completely rigid with how you do it.

You could have a more structured approach and (for example)

eat similar amounts of calories every day for a whole week.

Or you could alternate (this again is just an example)

less one day, more the next.

Or even eat less during the week and have more on the weekend (whilst being in a total deficit of course). Most people get this wrong because they go over board on the weekend and end up over eating calories.

So this shows how you can have flexibility with your eating.

You may have a very good day and be under calories ready for something you’ve got coming up,

Or you may end up having something that was a bit indulgent….just make up for it HEALTHILY later and the next day.

And for this to work you MUST also consider what the calories are made of.

It’s totally NOT going to serve you to make those calories consist of chocolate and wine.

You need protein, healthy carbs, moderate fats and lots of veggies & low sugar fruit.

What I want you to get from this bit of advice is you do not (and IMO cannot), strive to be perfect or brilliant all of the time.

You will have times off plan,

but make sure you get back on as soon as you can.

Get the support…some of the girls this week are feeling like they’re in control again because they told me their situation,

they admitted their guilt and disappointment in themselves and I helped them get a one-step-at-a-time plan and it helped them to keep taking steps forward.

So right now whether you’re in the game or out of it, the main thing is and always be….KEEP GOING FORWARD.

We all struggle, but we must always just try our best and never ever ever give up!

…and as always, I’m always here for a little inspiration or advice.

Got a question?

Reply NOW and let me help you 🙂

Tara xx

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  • August 31, 2017