Stripped back and RAW - Tara Hammett

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Stripped back and RAW

So….my photo’s this week.


Totally different to my usual self.


And honestly, putting them out there did make me nervous.


I’m in my comfort zone when I’m all nice & smiley & happy,

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but as part of my ‘I love change’ mantra I did it.


I wanted to do something that showed curves, strength and health.


My job is all about health.

I work with bodies – so I put mine out there!


I wanted to inspire others to want the same.


I share all my info, tips & advice and I wanted to

show the result of how I live it!


I am not some crazy, freaky, robot person.


I have good will power and determination yes

(BTW I get a lot of my inspiration and motivation from YOU! #fact )

but I relax and have a good time when I’m chilling.


Very often I’ll be with my family and

someone will say -“if only everyone could see you eating that now!”


I’m 34

I love chocolate

I have areas I wish were better – dimples on my butt!!

I waste time faffing on occasions


We all have our thing.


Clearly the photo has had a colour filter on it.


Believe me…… if there was anyone that wanted to walk around

totally golden and shimmery,

enough to make Edward from the Twilight movie have

sparkle envy – it would be me…

but even I accept that my skin isn’t that magic.

(But I can make sure my my personality

and outlook shines as bright as possible).



Butt (lol), there is a reason for it and I’ll be using

these images for my new

Butt TARAnsformer program….coming soon!


And today I wanted to show you the raw version with the final photo.


That is my butt, my muscles, what I want to look like.

My body has not been edited.

(My eyes look very different. Have you heard the saying ‘body like bay watch, face like crime watch’?

ha ha ha haaaaaaaa)


I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

(Trust me – the trolls have been out again. But their negativity

is my entertainment and their opinion is none of my business –

remember that for yourself when you need it!),

but I want to give a message

that being healthy and confident isn’t about

striving to be skinny.


If it is your cup of tea though – eat & train like me. It’s what my TARAnsformation

program is based on! Click here to join – Registration is open now!


It’s not about starving yourself

and looking like you need a good

meal inside you.


There are many images out there

nipped and tucked to seriously unrealistic proportions and

it only goes to put further pressure

on us and make us feel even more

vulnerable and insecure.


With these images, adding to the extreme

photoshopping, sometimes damaging end of the

scale is not my goal.


Health is.


I want to inspire as many people as possible.


So lets embrace our curves!


Be strong, be healthy and be positive.

Keep fit & fab!


p.s One thing I did totally LOVE was 99% of the comments on my photo

were positive AND from WOMEN!!!

Now THAT is amazeballs!!!

Women supporting, embracing and empowering women!

Thank you to the man support too though!! 😀 x


Tara Hammett