STOP Wasting time and do this today - Tara Hammett

STOP Wasting time and do this today


How was your day yesterday?

Were you productive?
Did you feel full of energy and make the day count?

My day was rammed.

I had a 5am alarm,
Personal Training Clients
I trained and showered (and washed my hair!)
More Clients
I filmed 6 workouts for the Inner Circle (Thigh toners, Ab tighteners, Arm toners and fat blasters)
Had a meeting
Prepped for more meetings and all done by 1pm when I had to pick Danny up from nursery.

Days like this make me feel so good.

I get plenty done,
I brain dump thoughts and tasks and feel like I'm in control.

My big trick to making the day productive was 15mins of planning on Sunday evening.

I got some clarity, I knew where I was going and I took action.

We should ALL set time aside to plan and organise

Instead of being a busy fool doing empty little tasks, make the day count

You are the designer of your life on your terms.

What does the future you look like? (Have you ever really sat and thought about it?)

I recommend you do it:

Have a good think about how you would like to be in 6/12 months time.
What would you be doing?
What would you be feeling like?
How much energy would you have?
Where would you be going?
Who would you be spending time with?

To create the 'future you', you MUST do something each day NOW.

If you keep doing the same thing today as you always'll always be the same.

That's great if you want to stay this way, but if you want to change, learn, grow and love your life more - do something today.

Life is busy, especially if you're working full time and have children but if you don't plan your time well you can end up whizzing through each day then looking back and thinking where has the time gone and what have you even done!?!

Make the decision to take control

Remember: indecision is a bad decision.

Be proactive, not reactive!

Make routines and your life will change

Each day wake up
get in zone
move more
eat the right food
get ready to take the day on
get inspired
get perspective on whats important
do something to move you forward

We should always be learning and growing

Write your goals down (Stick them to your fridge)
Short term & long term.

By reading this every day you'll remind yourself of what you want and put your day into perspective.

The more you think about it and spend time working towards them, they will manifest and you'll achieve your goals.

It can seem overwhelming with so much to do each day, so I've made it a little easier for you.

My 5 Step Ticksheet - CLICK HERE FOR IT

With 5 simple tasks you can get to work TODAY on creating the best version of you.

I designed the ticksheet to make it easier for you to achieve your body goals.

Get clarity
Feel in control and get results.

You can print it out or you can save it as your screensaver on your phone.

I hope it helps you feel more in control

Make today count

  • April 17, 2018