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How to SPEED UP the weight loss

“What can I do to speed up my weight loss over the next 4 weeks?”
^^ This is a question I had last night in the Life Taransformer programme.
There are some things you can do to make sure you get the BEST fat loss…..the RIGHT way!
Now, don’t be disappointed as you read on that what I’m going to say you may already know.
Whilst many ‘Health Guru’s’ on social media may be tempting you with the latest Skinny Tea, which will cost you about £20, or a “live off shakes” plan which will cost you from £90 p/w, these Brand New Shiny, Novelty weight loss plans will all come in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and may do more harm to your metabolism than good.
When you look to cut corners
Try out a short term quick fix or
Go too extreme, there may be a massive rebound effect.
All to often I’ve heard…
“The XXX plan was amazing when I did it, I might go back to that”
Well if it wasn’t sustainable – it didn’t work
If you didn’t keep the weight off – it didn’t work (or you didn’t)
What you need to do is:
Keep it simple >>>> Eat real food
Stay consistent >>> Don’t let old habits creep back in
You’ll be successful with your weight loss.
So back to the original…what to do when you’ve only got a few week to get to your goals.
Do my TOP things that you need:
#1 Exercise regularly. 3-4 times per week is fine, just keep it up.
If you go back to doing NOTHING….What do you expect.
#2 Eat healthily MOST of the time and cut out the junk.
Many will do amazing at their weight loss when they prep, plan and eat what’s good for them, with a few ‘treats’. Don’t expect to lose weight of keep it off if you find you’re sneaking in the Drive Thru take-away, bread with every meal and very little colour in your meals. The trick is to eat plenty of real food, don’t over think it and stop nibbling on the goodies.
If you JUST stopped the mindless, unplanned, ‘one won’t hurt”s…’ll see results!
#3 Get to bed earlier!
Yep….your hormones play a vital part in getting you to your goals and when you have enough sleep, you’ll be in more balance, you’ll have more energy and you’ll think clearer – so you have more willpower.
If you’re like me and don’t drink enough water (it’s boring), Make an effort to drink a bit more. Swap your tea & coffee for a herbal tea or ice cold drink of water. Your body will love you more for being hydrated and you won’t mistake thirst for hunger
So it’s easy……..
Drink more
Eat more
Move more
Sleep more
All sounds quite fab and easy to me. Don’t sway from the plan and you will lose weight the fastest you can. Get your head around eating healthy, doing regular exercise and stop looking for the quick fix!
What you do NOT want to do is go drastic.
Very very low calorie diets will help you lose a lot of weight initially – and you may LOVE that, but it will come at a cost.
The moment you stop…..the weight loss will stop and it will all go back on just as fast, plus a few extra pounds because you may have slowed your metabolism down.
Then you’re making it even harder again in the future to lose the weight.
There are consequences to everything and if something seems too good to be true – it probably is.
Do what you know you should do and you’ll never look for another expensive diet again.
Tara xxx
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Tara Hammett