Tara Hammett Personal Training Brought Direct To Your Home

It's Time To Get Smart With Your Workouts And Achieve Your Fitness & Body Confidence Goals!

If You Need Accountability To Stay Consistent With Your Exercise So You Don't Give Up On What You Dream Of Achieving - This Live Workout Plan Is For You.

I know how hard it can be to find the time to exercise and stay consistent, so I've made it EASIER THAN EVER.  I'll come to you and help you fit regular exercise into your busy life and help you save time.


QUICKER RESULTS from your workouts as you follow Tara's guidance and know exactly what to do at each session to help you get the best toning & defining results.

SAVE TIME - As you'll be working out from home there's no travelling, no parking, no bag to pack, no classes to book, no childcare needed and no changing rooms to squeeze into.

MORE ENERGY & FOCUS - Kicking off the day with a 30minute workout sets the tone for the day feeling productive and proud that you did something for you.

SUPPORT - with a group full of girls, just like you, wanting to get fitter, healthier & more confident you'll be inspired and enjoy the journey making friends along the way.

How The Live Training Group Works:

Tara's workouts are live through Zoom which means not only can you follow Tara's guidance, she can also see you to boost your motivation, give you expert advice and keep you going so you get the best toning, defining and fitness boosting results ever.

When Are The Sessions?

The workouts at live at 6:30am every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They are 30 minutes long so you're feeling full of energy and focus by 7am. The sessions are also recorded so you can get your workout done at a time that suits you best.

 “I've achieved more than l ever thought possible. I'm amazed at the way l look and feel and l love this version of myself. I feel fitter and healthier than ever before. My sleep and stress levels have improved hugely too. I have a zest for life and for new adventures in my 50s ( nearly 53). What l'm truly grateful for is finding Tara and having the support and inspiration of the girlies who will be lifelong friends. I’ve lost over 4 stone in the last 2 years...gone from a size 18-20 down to a 10-12

Deb Drake 

I have lost 2stone and developed consistent daily habits that have made me, stronger and fitter from the regular exercise. I have more energy. I’ve dropped a dress size and now I enjoy choosing and wearing clothes to suit my new shape

Sarah Watts 

Before joining Tara's plan I couldn't decide between new hair extensions or my weight loss dreams. I chose my dream and I'm so happy. I love how simple it's been to make small changes to my day and see such a dramatic change in my body and confidence. I'm loving the plan and keeping going! xx

Hazel Angus