She did it! - Tara Hammett

She did it!

Mrs Party Pants.

Thats the lady that I bumped into

and had a few messages with about her needing

to lose weight, but just couldn’t find the motivation

to do it.

She’s been following my emails &

Facebook videos for a while.

She even uses (as she called them)

Some ‘Tara-ism’s’ on her friend & family to help inspire them.

Yet she CONTINUES to put herself on the bottom

of the pile.

And her absolute FAVE excuses?

**She loves to party**

(fair play – I want to party with her!)

** Her wonderful partner feed her great food**

**Her joints ache**

** She KNOWS IT, she just needs that lightbulb  moment**

Well it came.

Mrs Party Pants met me first thing yesterday morning.

What would she have normally been doing

at 9am on a Saturday morning??

Nursing a hangover following the rugby and

an all nighter with her friends.

Staying in bed until lunchtime , then mopping it up

with a fry up

This weekend was different.

She refrained.

She wants the change more.

She still enjoyed with her friends, but

she didn’t make matters worse with her choices.

When she visited me, she brought photographs

of what she once looked like.

I now have the…in a few weeks, I’m confident

that I’ll be sharing an incredible success story with you

as Mrs Party Pants keeps on partying


TARAnsforms at the same time.

We’ll be working together for at least 12 weeks,

making epic change with a Personal Training plan

to change her body and lifestyle.

You could do that same with me too, online.

I can’t take on anymore PT clients,

there’s only so much time available…BUT

you CAN change your body, weight and lifestyle

with me for 7 WHOLE DAYS….starting NOW

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Need to lose around 9lbs?

That’s what Sandra did last month and she LOVED IT.

Ready to be the next success story after this weekends


The TARAnsformer 7 day detox week is kicking off

tomorrow and we’re getting ready TODY.

Don’t miss out

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
  • February 28, 2016