Serious now, they were a begging FOR THIS! - Tara Hammett

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Serious now, they were a begging FOR THIS!

Salted Caramel protein cup xx

Luckily, I have

NO MORE chocolate in the house.

Easter treats are long gone, however


I’m sure many have eggs lying around the place.


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Keep them out of sight guys and

before you cave to them think


“How will I feel in 30 mins if I eat one?”


I cleared mine out.

(In fact, my last bag of revels….I

poured the contents into the bin

whilst thinking

“I’d rather waste one pound of junk,

than carry one pound of junk

on my hips)


However, today I’m coming at you

with my latest



So if you do still feel the need to

have a chocolate fix, you can have some

and leave the eggs to everyone else.


Salted Caramel Protein Choc Bars

(Or you can make cups like my piccy)


When I first made this for a

girly get together, I posted the photo on

Facebook and sooooo many

people LURVED the look of

it and were BEGGING for the recipe.


So I thought….as April

has been My BONUS CONTENT month

for all the TARAnsformers,

I’d treat them all to even more



And to round up a description

of the flavour I’d say it’s like

30% Mars

30% Snickers


40% The best day of your life.

5 ingredients only!!

And I’ve uploaded the recipe

in here


With my inner circle, I’ll be posting all the

latest edible creations, FAST TONING

workouts (Including Jump Rope ones

as I’ve had a request), Lifestyle tips and

video recordings.


Are you going to be like all

the SERIOUS go-getters and

join in with me?

You can join any day, any time, any month!!

^^ There’s the link for you to join today.

It’s only £27!! ^^


Keep fit & fab


P.S To all those already in TIC,

I’m recording our first video Q&A today and it

will be uploaded on Friday. Loving some of the questions,

especially about protein, shredding and veggie protein sources.

Join in today! x

Tara Hammett