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SAVE THE DATE! The EXPO is coming!


Are you in or near Swansea on Saturday 22nd February?


Pop it in your diary if you can be as I’m so excited to be working with

South West Wales Media and South Wales’s very first

Fitness & Wellbeing EXPO.


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So for 2014 I planned my goals – just like you, I have dreams, things I want to do, things I want to change and I wrote them down.


Thinking about them won’t get you anywhere so you have to

Make the DECISION, ACT on it and be the CHANGE.


Amongst my list of things I wanted to do….


Hold a Fitness and Wellbeing Exhibition


Present at bi-monthly seminars




Yep, I took 1 step, arranged a meeting

And there it was….First goal planned. The Expo in conjunction

with the  newspaper.


Then – I did a second BIG TICK


I planned to present at my FIRST seminar in the Expo




Go me!!


What about you? Taken that one little step towards change?

Getting nearer to your goals?


Don’t let your dreams or goals pass you by.


You’ll never get time back, so don’t waste anymore.


Do something new,

Step outside your comfort zone.


Just pick one thing – and do it!


If you want to make yourself even more accountable, Email me 1 thing you’re going to do TODAY!


I needed support, I shared my goals and I would love to inspire & help you to do the same!




Here’s a little bit more about the expo.


(Coming to this could be that 1 thing you

decide to do to make the change!)


THIS is where you want to be.


Want to try something new that you haven’t done before?


We’ve got FREE Class Demo’s that you can join in.


Book in with us to try a

TARAnsformation HIIT Class

Metabolic Effect with Emma Probert

Funky Pump with Chris Ware and the Team





Want to listen to Fitness Professionals giving you the very best tips and advice such as

SECRETS to lasting weight loss

How to eat yourself slim

Is STRESS Sabotaging your fatloss


And I am absolutely DELIGHTED

to reveal that

World leading Nutrition and Conditioning Expert Phil Richards

will be at the event with his world class nutritional products,

best selling books AND he’ll be presenting throughout the day

to a limited audience on ultimate fat loss and health.

(Emil me if you want to be in the audience)


(I seriously can’t believe we’ve bagged Phil

– he’s travelled the world researching, training and educating professional athletes,

fitness professionals and

those with a keen interest in health and this is the

FIRST time he’s held a seminar in South Wales!!)


Want some advice from a Chiropracter – they’ll be there


Want to discuss food intolerances – you can!



come and meet many friendly faces to help

Motivate and Inspire you to make change and take your

health and wellbeing improvement goals



Again – Save the Date – we’ll all be at The Dragon Hotel in Swansea on

Saturday 22nd February 2014 from 11 – 4pm


Admission is FREE!


You can join our Facebook Event Group by CLICKING HERE


For more updates and we’ll be revealing more speakers and guests that you can come and chat to.


Oooh I’m so excited

See you there!

Tara x

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Tara Hammett