How did Sarah lose 64lbs & 66inches ?? - Tara Hammett

How did Sarah lose 64lbs & 66inches ??

…..and HOW is she keeping it off?

This is the BIGGEST thing to master.

Losing weight and losing it forever.

You know what it’s like.

You do something,

You lose weight

You feel chuffed! Proud! Happy!

You enjoy

You sneak in a treat or two.

……soon, you’re back where you started.

The weight just crept back on.

WHY??? ?

Because you decided to try and do it on your own!

It’s easy to give in on yourself.

“oops..try again tomoz nobody will know’

Sarah did this once.

Sarah tried ALL the diets.

She may have lost 100 lbs over the years

Lost 10 (put them back on)

Lost another 10 (put them back on)



Yo-Yo dieting through the years until she came up with a common sense formula.


2) Stay consistent

Yes…there’s been holidays and treats and indulgences

but she kept going and those small steps have now seen her lose 64lbs

4.5 STONE!!


Here’s what Sarah says:

“Before this programme I tried loads of different plans,

always lost weight, thought great, can do this now!

Slipped back into old habits, always gained the weight back and more!

Decided to try the programme after seeing so many inspirational stories,

and that the people were still doing well!

Always made excuses that I didn’t have time to make food so would have fast food regularly!

This programme has taught me not only how to lose the weight,

by eating loads of healthy and different foods, but also how to keep it off,

and how to have a treat without undoing all the good work!

Yes I’ve had bad days, eaten and drunk things I shouldn’t have, but the difference is,

I wasn’t made to feel guilty, just had so much support and encouragement from the groups that you get the boost you need to keep on going!

Also doing the mindset reading helps me to think more positively!

It really makes a difference!

My life is so much better in so many ways,

running around after my kids is far easier and more enjoyable after losing my weight!

I feel so much better in myself, not only physically but mentally! I have a far more positive outlook on life in general now!

I’ve been doing the programmes for a year, and am still enjoying and losing,

not as quickly as I did in the beginning, but it’s still coming off, and staying off!!! “

This is real life.

How long have you been wishing to change?

A year or more?

Whether you’ve got 7lbs, 27lbs to lose

1 dress size or 3 dress sizes

2 inches around your waist or 12 inches from your waist.

The only way you will get the change that you want is if you do something about it.

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  • July 21, 2017