Sack the Drainers! - Tara Hammett

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Sack the Drainers!

Trolls hey!


They’re out there, and they want to get at us.


Draining away with their negative comments


Well that’s their business. Not ours.

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The other day my sister was a bit put out because someone put a

Negative comment about me on Facebook


(Apparently I look like I’m too scared to eat)


If I was the type of person to let things like that get to me

I may have challenged her to an ‘Eat off!’


I’d cook all 60 of my recipes in my Health Eating Recipe Ebook


I would sooooo have won – ha!




That aint my bag baby.


Thing is, other peoples opinions are none of my business.


‘How can you let it not bother you?’ said my sis




If I was to allow that to consume my thoughts, I’d be making it exist in my world.


And I am the most important person in my world.


Just like


YOU are the most important person in your world.


Nobody else lives our lives just like us, and we are

The ones in control of how it goes,

through our thoughts and decisions on whether we allow something to bother us or not.


Imagine I dwelled on it, told everyone, drained on them. I’d have created a bad day.


1-0 to the Troll




I’ve got far more important things to focus on.


The thing is we are all in control of our thoughts

And …

There’s two types of people out there, Drainers and Radiators.


The Drainers are like energy vampires, they’ll sap the fun out of you. Hacking away with moans and groans all the time.


Radiators, you’ve gotta love them. They’ll make you smile, laugh, you’ll want to be around them as they dazzle positivity and happiness.


So as much as you can, surround yourself by positive people.


Have you noticed how much you absorb those vibes from the people around you??


Control your thoughts:


You may have woken up this morning and thought GAH!


The wind, the dark, I’m tired, I’m overweight,

I hate this stupid diet I’m on, I’m skint…anything.


And the more you think like this, the more you will carry it into your day and you’ll

look back and think – that was a rubbish day. You thought it, so you attracted it to you.


Or you could wake up, think of a few things you’re really grateful for, what you appreciate in life, how lucky you are to have family and friends around, your health.


Smile at more people, listen to your fav music in the car that really lifts you, It’s amazing how quickly you can change your mood. The more positive you think, the more you attract positivity into your life.


Sometimes you’ll have to put your protective shield up and let the negativity bounce off you.


I wouldn’t want to tell you to sack any close family members of anything.


You may work with someone that drains all day, look for the positives –

there’s always a silver lining to look for or simply focus on something else.


You may have someone that makes you feel negative with peer pressure,

“Ah live a little, have a biscuit!”


Be strong, tell them you’re happy with out it, you don’t need it

To live a little, but hope that they enjoy it.


(It’s only because they see the willpower

in you that this wish to see in themselves that

makes them respond like that –

I mean what difference does it mean to them if you have one or not?

Their guilt!)


Have you read the book The Secret ??


It’s amazing, and if you would like

To have an inspirational read about the power of your thoughts I’d very much recommend it.


It could possibly be my fav book!


Ok…Go and do something positive now.


Give someone a compliment or

Walk around in the office with the

‘Strut of positivity’

I bet you feel better after it!


Keep fit, fab and positive

Tara x

Tara Hammett