RULED by the scales? - Tara Hammett

RULED by the scales?


So many are. No matter what other results you may achieve that indicate success,


One week you do great, the next….when you work REALLY HARD, nothing. Maybe even put on.

Great, what’s the point…..Where’s the pic ‘n’ mix!

^^^ Thought or done that?

Stay STUCK in the viscous dieting circle.

I know so many have done this, are doing this and will continue to do this.

During a Coaching Call this week with the *FIRST* girly to join the Life TARAnsformer 9 programme,

we chatted about where she is right now and how she feels.


Because of this she puts off things she wants to do, hates her body, only feels confident when she’s had plenty to drink with the girls on the weekend, then back into the valley of despair on a Sunday.

She’s not the only one. I’ve spoke to girls who:

– Get up in the middle of the night, go to the loo then weigh to see any difference.

– Get upset with ONLY 1lbs loss, even though she lost 4 inches around her waist.

– Ended up in tears and smashed the scales on the floor because the number didn’t say what she wanted.


….it’s a very useful tool in measuring your success.

But, this is just one factor.

More importantly you need to consider your inches, your dress size, your confidence, the regular compliments, your increased energy, being fitter & stronger, feeling healthier, before & after photos.

ALL of these should be considered before you decide you’re a failure because of that number.

A number nobody knows but you.

Nobody picks you up, but they see your inches, they see you glowing with health and confidence.

Here’s some tips for you to break away from the scales obsession.

* Do NOT own one – Go to somewhere like boots or your local gym so you can’t sneak a little look which could upset you

* Do NOT compare – other people may lose more than you, but may have a lot more to lose than you too. Focus on your mission.

* Take your measurements and set realistic targets for inch loss.

* Compare how your clothes feel and what your before & after pics look like.

* Get accountable with a coach who can support you and be there with you for advice and pick you up during the hard task of lifestyle change.

All of these will encourage you to stay on track and FINALLY escape the dieting & weight mindset of so many FAILED DIETS <<< 97% of them do not work remember.

If you still struggle with the same viscous cycle of weighing and dieting….and failing, the 12 week Life Taransformer may be for you.

If you’re serious about change and doing it forever, like many have with me in the past.


I’ve only got 14 places, it’s the last one this year.

We’ll finish just before Christmas and I GUARANTEE that you will be LOVING your parties this year.

Don’t miss out…

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S This programme does come with a results guarantee….so you win either way.


  • August 25, 2016