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Rob’s Story

After many years of looking at myself in the mirror or should I say trying to avoid looking at myself in the mirror, something had to change as I no longer recognized my own reflection.

The defining moment where I decided to change my life was also the hardest day of my life and is a day that will live with me forever.  It was the day that I lost my son, still born it made me self evaluate myself, it’s strange to say but the image of myself disgusted me. I felt I would have been a failure as a father figure as I wouldn’t have been a father he could have been proud of.

From my defining moment admittedly it did take me a long time to actually start my journey as it’s so easy to stand in your own way, but I would soon find out that the only one in this life that will stop me from achieving my goals was me.

I was extremely fortunate to be given the opportunity to apply to take part in a documentary for the BBC and soon meet the person that was going to give me all the tools I would need on this journey, and by now yes you have all guessed it.  It was Tara.

The benefit to having Tara in your corner is she is very infectious in everything she does whether it be her advising you to the benefits of healthy food (chocolate, sprouts) or motivating you whilst exercising.  She is always there to lend a helping hand if you’re struggling or in some instance more of a foot up the… you know where that was going.

Best to say all the time she has dedicated to her chosen career hasn’t been wasted as she has helped me lose 4 Stone so not long until I reach my overall target where the fun really begins, maintaining it, but as long as Tara is in my corner and I stay out of my own way I know I will have no problem in actually appreciating myself for myself.

Before Signing off If I could give you any advice I would say you have to be in it to win it. Know why you are doing it focus on what drives you so for me the memory of my son and my amazing wife and daughter who give me a reason to get up in the morning. Make sure you want to do it because if you’re not onboard you will be standing in your own way and you will get nowhere.  Also make sure you have a support system like Tara, involve friends and family who have the same goals as you can feed off them when you are low or struggling, its easier as part of a team.

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I hope you have enjoyed my first ever blog and probably my last if this inspires even one person to change their life, mission accomplished.



Tara Hammett