Ready? - Tara Hammett


How are YOU doing?


This morning I’ve been in my TARAnsformer
groups, looking over how everyone has done.

Photos of them smiling after their workouts.

Photos of their meals, so I can give reassurances they’re
eating the right things in the right portion size.

Statuses about what they’ve been up to yesterday

Statuses about how to survive the weekend

and some photos which have blown our minds.

Rhian from Life TARAnsformer 7 has shown some
photos with incredible differences in her stomach.


and Emma *Jaw drops to the floor* who shared a
photo comparing the first one she took
(She HATED it and LIED about her weight at the time) and
NOW a photo where she is so CHUFFED with her 3 stone loss so far
that she has taken a photo in her bikini.

Not hiding under a vest
Not dreading looking at it
Not wanting to hide it from her hubby.

I could go one…..

But I’ll share Bethan’s TARAnsformation with you tomorrow
for more inspiration.

Today though…YOU

How are YOU doing?

It’s Sunday.

Not sure what it’s like where you are,

but it’s a bit miserable outside here in Swansea.

A day of chilling before a new week hits us again and

you think about what you could do to reach your goals.

But….do you think COULD??

Turn your could or should into MUST and CAN do.

Today is perfect day to prep properly.

Plan and prepare meals for a few days.

Get on the scales to see exactly where you are.

Get your tape measure out

Get in front of the mirror and take some photos of yourself.

There’s many questions you can answer today to help you

feel inspired to do something.

What are you going to prep??

How did you do last week?

What was your loss?

Did you lose? Stay the same? Gain?


WHAT is your goal this week??

Declare it now and take action TODAY!!

Email me back…are you ready to make change?

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S don’t miss tomorrows email. Bethan’s INCREDIBLE photos

are coming up xxx


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  • June 12, 2016