Ready for DETOX week? - Tara Hammett

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Ready for DETOX week?

I’m really excited to kick start the DETOX week!


Bring on the Toxin TARAnsformer Team!


When you think of Detox, so many crazy ideas

may spring to mind like drinking potions

Whilst holding your nose, but in good old

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Tara fashion I’m hoping I can put a real spin on this one

To make it the easiest and yummiest ever!


I hope it will be so good,

that I hope many will adopt the plan longer term!


Whilst I’m on the subject of toxins, I’m going to give you

Some info on it today.


Our body has a lot to deal with.


Stress, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, too many calories, too little sleep, additives, preservatives & chemicals in food….



In today’s world we are faced with toxins all over the place,

From the moment we open our eyes until we go to

Bed at night.


In addition to what we

Put in our body, there are

other environment factors from

everyday things like creams, anti-perspirants,

Sprays, whatever is in the air we breathe.


This puts a huge strain on your liver!


Did you know the liver is the second

largest organ in the body after the skin?


It performs many functions in the body including

breaking down potentially

toxic substances into harmless

ones that the body can use or excrete.


Your liver is the organ that does the majority of your detoxification.

When your body is exposed to more

toxins than your liver can handle at once,

your body stores the toxins in your body fat.


When toxins enter the body,

we have to do something with them and

when so many are coming from every direction,

It’s tough for our

System to eliminate them so

it stores them away.

In our fat out of harms way.


Did you know that dieting can

make you more toxic and slow down your weight




When your working on losing fat it enters our system,

toxins are then swimming around too and

studies have shown that these

can have a drastic effect on slowing down our



So we have to work with our body to a) eliminate them

And b) stop adding to them.


During Detox week we will be doing just that!



To help our body and put less

Toxins in, we need to consume

less acidic food & drink and

focus on more alkaline food &



The more acidic you are,

the less healthy you’ll feel and the more chance of

illness & disease.


We’ll be supporting our liver with

Foods and drinks to help protect it

And reduce inflammation, such as lemon water,

turmeric and green veg such as

broccoli & sprouts


we’ll also be working on the

main ways to get rid of toxins

through breathing, sweating and toilet time!


I hope that gives you a little

Insight into looking after

Your liver and reducing toxins

As much as possible!


Keep fit & fab!


Tara xx

Tara Hammett