Promise me? - Tara Hammett

Promise me?


What’s for breakfast today?

Muffins for me.

Last night whilst doing dinner,

I popped 10 of these bad boys in the oven

to sort me out for a quick and easy breakfast

for the next few days.

Or I may grab a few as a snack or for lunch.

Now I’m back on it after

Easter this is one of my time saving, FAT BUSTING tips

for YOU.

* When you’re already cooking COOK TOO MUCH

* Get prepping and stay on track.

This is one of the things

I’ll encourage you to do in my 21 Day Challenge.


Every day for 21 days you’ll be with me and the

team LOSING WEIGHT  the time saving way.

TONING UP faster.


Achieving that Summer body FASTER.

I can help you get SUPER COMMITTED to

getting that body you want.

Can you PROMISE yourself that you’re gonna do

something to change?

Before I share with you how to be more successful and keep your

promises think about this a bit.

Think about a time when someone promised you

something that was important to you and didn’t do it.

HOW did that make you feel?

Think of a time when you made a commitment to someone

and you didn’t follow through

HOW did that make you feel?

Kinda let down, yeah?

Well…when you make a commitment to others,

it sometimes becomes more important to keep to your word.

You get a stronger desire to stick to your word.

(unless your word means little and you don’t mind letting people down)

You count the costs

(Do you want to upset people you respect & trust?

You act on your promises

(sometimes you just flat out don’t feel like following through,

but this is when you’ll intentionally act on your promises,

not your feelings)

If changing your body and getting more toned and

CONFIDENT for he Summer isn’t that important to

you then it’s ok to say NO.

People would always rather you be honest and say no

than break a promise.

Commitments require you to make sacrifice and you’ll

need to learn to think about the

longer term benefits like:

A better BODY

Feeling PROUD of yourself


Having loads of ENERGY

Instead of the short term inconvenience and discomfort.

If weight loss and lifestyle change is something you’re


Do something TODAY

On Monday we kick off the next 21 DAY CHALLENGE

The doors to the support group will open tomorrow

and you’ll be able to take your time preparing over the weekend

ready for officially starting the next step to

getting what you want this time.

^^ There it is ^^

The link to commit to 21 days to change ^^

Make a promise to yourself that you WILL

and you CAN do something!!

Keep fit & fab


P.S I’m going to do some FASTED CARDIO this morning

before I have my muffins. (one of the recipes in the 21 day challenge)

I’ll be sharing my pics on Instagram and Facebook later

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  • March 31, 2016