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“I Felt So Ashamed Of My Body That I No Longer Got Undressed In Front Of My Husband”

Discover The Tested And Proven Support System That Is Finally Allowing Women In The UK To Go From Flab To Fab Without Shitty Diets… Without Dangerous Pills or Surgeries… And Without Having To Sweat Their Tits Off In The Gym For Hours Every Week!

Read Below To See The Stream-Lined Method For Getting That Special Kind of Sexy Radiance Flowing In Your Body That Makes Previously Disinterested Lovers Want To Do Those Oh-So Naughty, Naughty Things To You…

Does This Pattern Of Behaviour Sound Familiar To You?

  • Do you feel self-conscious and lack confidence because of your weight, size or shape?
  • Do you despair at your wardrobe because nothing fits properly and when, on the rare occasion you do decide to treat yourself to something new, you simply can't find anything in your size apart from something frumpy and unflattering from last season's bargain bin?
  • Do you dread going out to social events because you feel embarrassed about your size?
  • Do you have a busy schedule, kids or work commitments that take up so much of your day that you just don’t have the time to exercise or take proper control of your diet?
  • Do you feel like you've tried every diet and exercise regime under the sun but nothing ever works, or when it does its only for a short time and then you just pile on even more weight than before?
  • Do you feel you've wasted your time, effort and money on other diet plans that deprived you of the foods you loved which left you hungry and irritable for most of the day ALL WHILE NOT EVEN HELPING YOU LOSE WEIGHT?

When It Comes To Your Weight Loss Goals Have You Reached The End Of Your Tether Like El Had And Settled For Coasting Through Life Under-The-Radar In “F**k It.” Self-Sabotage Mode?

El's story isn’t that different to many of my TARAnsformers – the women in my InnerCircle who transform their body into a shape that they respect, honor, and cherish.

In fact, the routine vicious cycle of emotions these ladies are experiencing is that of selfdenial,frustration, utter desperation and at times even completely unwarranted and destructive self-loathing behaviour throughout.

However, all that changed once they joined my TARAnsformer INNER CIRCLE and setthemselves FREE by embarking on their new INSPIRING JOURNEY

Let Me Show You How Women Who Have Been One to Three Stone Overweight Have Been Consistently Easing Into a Body They’re Not Afraid To Put a Swimming Costume On…

And How They’re Keeping Their Rockin’ Curves Week After Week After Week

Imagine what it be like to get to a body weight and shape that you’re proud of and keeping it not just for days… but for the weeks and months to come…

Imagine you could lose the weight you wanted

Imagine you could fit into all of the beautiful clothes you desperately want to wear and never have to resort to the frumpy old lady rail

Imagine you could get rid of those lethargic low feelings and instead feel positively inspired and full of energy

Imagine you could change your mindset and transform your life!

What if I told you that you CAN achieve all this AND MORE

The inner circle is not just about sharing our stories and helping and supporting one another as a team. In addition to a supportive peer to peer network you also have direct access to me and my highly professional team.

I nurture my inner circle and provide WORKOUTS, RECIPES, ADVICE and TRAINING, and on top of all that my talented team are always on hand to help and provide solid PRACTICAL GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT.

The INNER CIRCLE provides you with exclusive access to POSITIVE, UPLIFTING and INSPIRING people. People just like you who will motivate you to achieve even higher goals, to be your friend, help, support and encourage you for as long as you need it.

Of course this inner circle is not going to be the right fit for everybody, as one key element to joining this select group of super inspired and focused women, is that they put in the work. Like you they have been to rock bottom, they know what feeling low and lacking in self-esteem is like.

And like you, they are never going back!We are here to be your FRIEND, to INSPIRE you and to MOTIVATE you.

If you are serious about changing your life, losing weight, getting fitter and feeling fabulous and achieving AMAZING RESULTS….what are you waiting for?

Join my Innercircle and get:

  • A monthly support network for anyone who wants to lose weight, stay healthy keep on track towards goals while ENJOYING LIFE TO THE FULL.
  • Brand New Extremely Effective Monthly 12 Minute Workouts. Perfect for people who hate long boring workouts or who simply don’t have the time to exercise. Just think; no more searching YouTube and realising not only that you cannot do most of the exercises, but on top of that you don't have any online support for help and guidance.
  • Easy to make healthy FAT BURNING tasty and nutritious recipes made with REAL food, ones that your whole family will enjoy. Not things with exotic ingredients that are either too expensive or impossible to find. And no processed shakes or 'magic' pills. Just delicious classics that you already love.
  • A Positive Mindset. My Educate and Motivate classes and LIFESTYLE tips will mean you are always INSPIRED to lead a healthier lifestyle. I will instil you with a positive winning mindset (trust me, when you learn what I have to teach you, you will be unstoppable) which will bring harmony to other areas of your life so you get the perfect lifestyle balance of your dreams.
  • Daily Support exclusively to members of the INNER CIRCLE, meaning you are never ever alone. If you get stuck, lack motivation, have a bad day or just have any question...we are here for you.
  • Weekly Assessments and Critiques where I teach you HOW to improve your lifestyle and reach your goals so you know EXACTLY what you need to do. This will also provide you with ACCOUNTABILITY for your actions.

You get all this benefit for an investment in yourself of just £6.75 per week (or £27 per month)!!

TARAnsformers are loving their new lifestyle of:

  • EXERCISING LESS (Only 12 minutes in fact, so you can get it over and done with FAST)
  • EATING MORE (Only ever real food including treats, desserts & classic fave’s so you NEVER feel restricted or 'On a miserable diet')
  • DITCHING THE OBSESSION with fake, media hyped latest diet plans promoted by the current in vogue reality TV star of the moment! (Let's face it, they'll be back in the gossip mags in a few months anyway after piling it all back on)
  • BEING EMPOWERED to live your best life ever and having the lifestyle you love and deserve.

But don't just take my word for it.

Check out stories of how they ditched the weight and TARAnsformed their lives!


(P.S What Sacha used to look like is at the end of this email)“4 yrs ago,I was flicking through the next catalogue looking for new clothes for my family annual holiday,but the clothes I liked and wanted I knew wouldn’t fit me!

This was an all to common feeling for me and something that always used to get me down in the dumps almost to the point of pure despair.
I had an under active thyroid,no energy,really bad mood swings! My husband would tell me I looked good but inside of me that simply wasn’t good enough.

I didn’t feel the same,I wasn’t happy with myself, and I certainly didn’t feel I looked great.It was then I decided I wanted to change.

I joined Tara’s program and that was the first day of my new life!I’m now 6 stone lighter and I’ve lost well over 60 inches from all over my body!

I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been,I no longer have thyroid issues and even my asthma doesn’t affect me anymore.
I wouldn’t change a single thing in how I have got here,and I know for sure that I will never go back to the person I was 4 yrs ago.

It’s strange to realise,that I have got more confidence,I can hold my head up high,and I am happy simply being me!I never thought I’d feel like that.

To all the Taranformersto my Hubby and children,thank you for your help and support, but most of all to MY SISTER Tara,I think you know how much you’ve done for me,and I hope you know how much you mean to me.

I will always thank you.xx


Glamour Goddess losses 48lbs!! :-O

Pop the kettle on for this one, I couldn’t shorten it because it’s all such a fabulous story….Get ready to be inspired again…Kelly’s story:“

I am still bouncing around feeling amazing from Sunday and continue with my commitments and losses(another 2lbs off so far this week).

I know this is a bit lengthy but wanted to get across where I was when I started that very first detox and the impact Tara has had on my life.

I remember saying on the phone that I wanted to be fitter,healthier and a good role model for my daughter well I finally feel like I’m making a difference….
I can’t really remember the exact date that I first started following Tara but like many others I had signed up for her free daily email sand had even bought her recipe e-book but I can honestly say that I hadn’t once tried a dish…

But what I do remember is that it was 28th April 2014 that I enlisted the help of Tara after stepping on the scales and realising I had hit 17 st 4lbs.

I remember being so upset that Id let myself go that much.

I had finally reached the tipping point and knew I had to do something.
I signed up to Tara’s detox program and decided enough was enough.
The plan was so easy,fresh healthy foods,plenty of choice plus some help to address your mind set through the week. What was great was being in the group with others feeling exactly the same,looking the same and we used one another to get through the week.

At the end of one week I had lost 11.5lbs.

I was thrilled!That was just the tip of the iceberg for me, there were so many more pounds to lose.S o straight off the back of the detox I did the 21 day program and loved it.  Fantastic clean versions of so many favourite recipes,from pizza to clean choc bars, curries to soups…Again great support from Tara and the group and I made progress.My issue wasn’t so much sticking to the nutrition plan…

I was mastering that whilst on the program but what I was struggling with was my routine and fitting in the 12 min workouts.

When I see this down in black and white it seems ridiculous that I struggled to find 12 mins but with having an 11 month old and having returned to work it felt impossible.

I lost 10lbs over the 3 weeks and honestly can say I didn’t do as much as I could have,I made my excuses for the workouts.

Was I happy? Totally as I had lost all those pounds.It was from that point onwards I thought“right, I have the tools, the knowledge, I can do this by myself”!

I booked a family holiday and made a plan to keep clean eating and to try and exercise and I did stick to it…for a while, then the holiday was over and winter was on its way and before I knew it pounds were piling on again.

I’d gain weight, panic and then think right detox time,get back on it,lose the “gain” but never much more!It was just before December last year that I was watching the plans come out, detox, party sos(by Tara’s daily email- I still read them every day)and I was thinking I need more than a quick fix….

Something wasn’t clicking for me,I was seeing it as a diet and program not lifestyle change.

Then Tara went and did it,she released info on the Life TARAnsformer programme.

It took me a few weeks of stewing on it before I emailed for an application.What I didn’t ever expect was to have such an emotional reaction to filling in the form…

It made me call myself out on all the BS excuses I’ve been making for years and made me really look at what,where and who I want to be!

The form was followed up by a phone call from Tara who confirmed I needed to address my mind set if I was ever going to get to grips with myself.

I was accepted into the program and started preparing mentally for the kick off in January! Straight away I saw the difference in the programs,this wasn’t about Tara giving us recipes, nutrition plans or workout videos(every single one of us already had them all).

This was about Tara challenging our mindset, attitudes and(sometimes/well probably often)lame excuses and getting us to examine our own behaviours, what triggered the behaviour,the positives (that woman can find a way of flipping everything)and lessons learned.

The program taught us the value of making commitments to ourselves. Lying to ourselves or cheating is probably the easiest thing in the world to do and this process of making excuses sound viable in my head is what got me to over 17st in the first place!My journey is far from over butI have lost 27lbs and 22.5 inches since starting the Life TARAnsformer programme in January…So that’s 48lbs in total and it’s all down to Tara’s programmes.

I am still not quite where I want to be yet but I am well on track and not just because the scales tell me a number,I feel differently!

I have regained my confidence but also have established new routines which include the valuable ‘me’ time I was missing.I have a much happier outlook on everything and have exceeded in areas (such as work)that I didn’t really set out to target but because of the very nature of the programme it’s had an impact on every area of my life.

My relationships have improved and my stress levels reduced.I cannot thank Tara enough for her relentless positivity and support.

I have developed friendships with the other life taransformer that have also played a huge part in the progress I’ve made…

To have the programme rounded off with the photo shoot was just amazing;the chance to get together in real life with Tara and meet the rest of the group and be feeling so great was the highlight of the year for me so far!

Thank you so much…….


WOW: Blonde BOMBSHELL sheds 21lbs!!

Are you ready for this one…….

Another sneaky peek at the photos shoot pics until the big reveal….

Julie shares her journey right here – read on for inspiration!

BTW – you’ll notice me interrupt and highlight a few bit as you read on….(She sent me an email last night too,I’ll touch on that at the bottom of the email)“

The Taransformer journey started for me last April,at that point my nutrition was based on low calorie pre packed processed foods(Tara


and I had enrolled in many well known “diets”.I felt very unhealthy, aching joints, no exercise and constantly tired!!!I completed the 7 day detox and the party sos plan just before Christmas, both these programmes I lost 11-14 lbs and a considerable amount of inches!!

The only problem was that once the programs had finished I didn’t carry on with what I had learned and went back to my old habits!

December 2014 I had reached a point where I had had enough of feeling down,my weight and body image was really getting to me,there were also other contributing factors where I felt that my mental Heath was suffering,that added stress to my relationship with my family and husband,and so I emailed Tara and offloaded everything to her!!

(Tara Tip: ^^See…it’s not just about the weight!)

I joined the Life Taransformer group in January,and I haven’t looked back since!

Throughout the 12 weeks I have learned so much

I have learned to focus more on my relationship to make time for me,my husband and my children.

I have altered my mindset from reading the books Tara suggested.I focus on 7 day commitments including nutritional and exercise goals that I am now continuing to use. I have lost a stone and a half andI am doing things now that I thought I would never do,including the photo shoot!!

The shoot was way out of my comfort zone and I loved every minute of it!!!

And most of all I feel much happier with myself,I am in a much better place both physically and mentally!

The group were fantastic support throughout the weeks,and girls in the photo shoot were all amazing!!!

The information that Tara provides is so beneficial to all!It’s an amazing programme and I would definitely recommend it if you want to change your lifestyle –your nutrition and exercise routines for the rest of your life!

Thank you to Tara and the team for your ongoing help and support xxxxx”


Join us today and invest in your health, your lifestyle and your future and start enjoying the life of your dreams.