Are you Ticklish? - Tara Hammett

Are you Ticklish?

So yesterday after sending you the email with the
ticklist I created for you to put on your fridge and help you stay on track this week,
I received an email from Rhiannon

“So I was thinking I hadn’t had an email from you in a while.

Turns out outlook has been putting all your emails and some from other people in my junk folder!!

So I’ve had a good few of your emails to read this morning to catch up!

Thanks for the ticklish,

will be printing it out and doing this week,

will weigh/measure today and next week and let you know!!

Hope all is well with you,

Rhi ”

Gotta love a typo hey – ha

(I know my emails are full of them sometimes, but you get the message)

What I love is that Rhi has downloaded the checklist and it has helped her get back on track.

I’m looking forward to see how she does this week. No pressure Rhi 😉

So were you TICKled yesterday?

Did you print it up or save it?

Click here for the tick list

This week I want you to have a stormer, so get TICKlish and use the

guide to help you make small steps each day and see what amazing results you

will achieve in just 7 days.

I know one group of girls that will be feeling epic in a weeks time,

and that’s the detox group – you can hop in today if you want!?

As usual I’ve had a few SOS messages in my inbox this morning from little worriers who

are having a MAJOR PANIC.

Loads going on

Not prepared

Things planned with friends


Already feeling like a failure before the lifestyle change mission has even begun.

So many questions and just don’t know where to start.

I know this is a common feeling,

you get so overwhelmed with everything to do that

you don’t know where to start so you do NOTHING.

When you’ve got more stress and

Less time for yourself, how on earth are you going to do everything to

lose weight, get healthier and feel happier.

Here’s some top tips to get started.

#1 Don’t Expect too much?

Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself makes you feel anxious.

Step back…look at what you want to do from a fresh perspective. There is no race or major deadline to change the rest of your life. Take your time, do it one step at a time, make mistakes, learn from them and keep going.

#2 Don’t Take on too much

Learn to say NO. Time is precious – look after yours.

When you think you’ve got enough on your plate already, don’t take on more.

Yes it’s nice to help (I just told you to ask for it), but if you’re already feeling

under pressure, be selfish and put yourself first. You don’t want to do a half hearted job for

somebody anyway.

#3 Accept there is no such thing as perfect.

If you’re a bit of an over achiever / perfectionist you feel like “if you want a job done, do it yourself.

Then when it’s not going perfect, you think you’re a failure.

It’s better to do really good at a good plan than failing at the perfect plan.

Ask for help

Don’t fight it on your own, there’s always someone out there to make things easier.

It’s a good thing to ask for help.

#4 Ask yourself, “What’s really important?”

I’ve been doing this a lot myself. Stressing myself about how much work I have to do before

my baby arrives. Fighting tiredness, getting frustrated with my lack of energy,

annoyed with my food cravings, over emotional and worried that it’s affecting my business.

But what’s really important for me…looking after myself and my health.

Work can come later, 8 months in I’ve learned to prioritise things.

#5 Write things down

(Or better still, print out the ticklist I created for you and tick off those 5 little boxes each day.)

This will help you see that you can achieve quite a lot in a week, just by focusing on

one thing at a time.

Don’t worry about tomorrow, next week, next month.

The chances are whatever you’re worrying about may never happen.

Focus on TODAY.

Tara xx

P.S The recording of last nights webinar will be in the Inner Circle site ASAP.

This was all about staying motivated,
Getting back on the wagon and how to stay consistent.

Enjoy listening girlies xxx

  • November 7, 2016