Ouch! She totally bruised my neck - Tara Hammett

Ouch! She totally bruised my neck

Well, I never thought that after my gym session today I’d

be nursing a sore, bruised neck!


I had a bit of a different session yesterday with

Louise (My friend, colleague, training buddy)

and we went along to a different local gym.

(My one is closed for a face lift)

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First exercise of the day was some squats with the

Barbell. Now I’m more of a dumbbell girl normally,

as you know from my INSANELY awesome

12 minute fat burning workouts.


The session was planed to lift heavy

for max curve creating, butt lifting

and thigh toning.


I managed to do it,

If you want it, you’ve got to

work for it….and get

some bonus black & blueness

along the way.


So all bruises aside,

I loved the fact that my pattern was changed

and I did something different.


That’s what life is all about,

Just the same as my 21 day fat loss program.


If you’ve never done it before and toyed with the

idea, break your pattern like I did.


One thing I guarantee is that you’ll

be feeling the benefits of working those

muscles for a few days like I am now.


I’m going to share with you a few of the moves

I did…..

A1: Barbell Squats

A2: Side Lunge


B1: Leg Extension

B2: Leg Curl


C1: Leg Press

C2: Squat Jumps


This is great to add into the mix

of your workouts, today I’ll

be running outdoors with

a few clients and Wednesday I’ll be

back onto the HIIT 12 min workouts….




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Keep fit, fab & bruise free


Tara x


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Tara Hammett