Oops....I slipped up! - Tara Hammett

Oops….I slipped up!

It definitely wasn’t part of my plan.
An Espresso Martini at 4pm yesterday.
A little bit OOPS
A little bit
hey, why not.
I’d met some epic business friends
in Bristol for a get together to talk
business and have a good time in the process.
After a worky lunch
(I just had a peppermint tea
as I’d prepped one of my
special low carb Tuna Avocado Crunch
wraps and a protein bar for the train).
We wanted to make sure that
part of the learning process was to
have some fun.
Yes we have an end goal,
but enjoying the journey of
learning is part of what will
make it easier for us to
WANT to do the work
and stay MOTIVATED.
We shared our challenges,
asked each other questions about
how to overcome tough times and
offered support…which will go
on long after our meeting.
I’m good at all the fitness stuff,
designing epic workouts that are amazing at TONING
your body super fast (It’s PROVEN)
And I can create meals that are SO YUMSTERS
that you NEVER think you’re
on a ‘DIET’
You may know by now, I just can’t help but HAVE FUN.
And I’m quite proud that
I can make everyone in my groups and classes
enjoy what may be seen as a chore.
I’m RUBBISH at tech stuff,
It takes me AGES to get my head around
some spreadsheets and computer systems
I also have NO IDEA on how to
do webinars….well,
I didn’t..but I will.
Watch this space for a new
treat I’ll be offering you...FOR FREE BTW!
So I need help to make sure I can
do the best for my business and getting
the best out of it.
So meeting with the team has
helped to empower me and make
me feel I’m not alone on my journey of growth.
This is EXACTLY the same for you.
You may get CONFUSED by
HOW MUCH FAT can you eat at a meal?
You may think you’re eating your CARBS at
the right time for you….but you’re not.
Your PORTIONS may be the problem
with stopping you getting where you want, but you just don’t know it.
Perhaps you HATE exercising.
Well…this is where I
can EMPOWER you.
Show you the SHORTCUTS
Help you enjoy it and
make sure you NEVER feel you’re
on your own.
Especially when you’re so so close to caving!
What if you’re actually quite good at all of those,
but you can’t deal with Friday, Saturday and Sunday choices…
You need support and a load of people
just like you to see you through it.
All of that can be at your fingertips here
All the info on how you can
get on track is there…and if you
can’t find it, email me.
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
P.S I’m going to do one of my
workouts in my hotel room today. 12 minutes, no equipment and
commitment to my goals still on track
even though I’m away from home.
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