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OMG This Brekkie & This Bargain

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I couldn’t stop thinking about this in the car.

First, I fancied cheesy scrambled eggs on rice cakes.

Then I thought…need some veggies,

So the mushrooms & spinach were thrown in.

Then I fancied some chicken, so had to pop that in too.

So I played around with it and created this lil stack.

It was so worth it too. AMAZING.

I am totally stuffed now, so I’m sure this will keep me going for a while.

Does this look like something you’d fancy?

What would be your ideal brekkie?

Well…this one has:

– Only 10.4g carbs from the 2 rice cakes

– Protein from the chicken & eggs

– Fat from the eggs & tinsy bit of cheese

– 2 veggie sources with the mushrooms and spinach

(Always take my supplements too)

So this brekkie would be perfect for you if you wanted a really good meal, balanced and healthy.

In fact – you don’t even need to just keep it for brekkie.

Lunch or dinner would be amaze too.


This is the type of food I share with you in the 21 day programme.


You can grab for ONLY £30 when you click this link.

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Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

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  • August 17, 2016