How much better are you feeling right now since you joined the detox week, took action and seen those pounds drop?

Amazing yeah

Proud of yourself

But how long do you expect this feeling to last?

You may feel great now, but I guarantee that if you don’t have a plan and make yourself accountable for the next step towards your goals, it will be harder on your own and you’ll seriously run the risk of undoing all the hard work.

Imagine putting on all the weight again

90% of girls who did not carry on with the accountability of the weight loss programmes and ‘tried it on their own’ put the weight back on within 2 weeks.

Don’t be one of those girls. Now is the time to make your plan for the next step.

Here’s the thing – I want to help you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF that’s why for the next 21 days, in my Inner Circle, I will hold your hand every day and help to make it easier.

Each day you will be set a new task to do, so I’m making it easier(we all love being told what to do)

You can eat more delicious food, which you look forward to eating

You can feel like you’ve got help everyday and that you’re not alone

When those moments strike that you feel you’re gonna fall off the wagon, I’m there with all the girls, who are just like you, helping you to stay on track(or at least get back on the wagon quicker)

So get excited to start the next step of your journey and this time…keep the pounds and inches off!