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Now confident NAKED!

So this is Rachel’s post from yesterday
(STILL Walking on air and feeling
“I first joined Tara’s programmes in June 2014.
I had enough of feeling unhealthy, lethargic,
too embarrassed to go to the beach and even
too embarrassed to allow my husband to see me naked.

I took the first 21 day challenge and lost almost a stone and quite a few inches.

I continued to lose inches throughout the year.

When christmas came it got hard in work and
I caved and went back to my old ways.

I literally lived on rubbish food and energy drinks.

Stopped drinking my 2 litres of water a day
and put some of my weight back on.

I mainly put fat on and not actual weight.

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So I thought something had to change.

I have alot coming up in 2015 and thought I would apply for
the Life TARAnsformer accountability programme
that way I HAVE to stick to my decisions and make it work.

I have continued to do the hiit workouts and
training for a half marathon.

I made more family time and made
more of a divide between work and home,
which has had such a positive affect on all aspects of my life.

I find myself advising others on
what to eat or how to train and recommending
Tara on the way.

I have lost 25 inches since January.

Photo attached from the beginning of
January for my before photo and
beginning of February for my during photo.

I have completely changed my ways towards food and life.

I even feel comfortable wearing tight
dresses now where as before I would have to wear those
dreaded suck in pants.

I cannot thank Tara enough for making me healthier,
fitter and most of all making myself and
my husband bring our spark back

Tara Hammett