What You Need To Do NOW For Your Holiday Body

What you need to do NOW for your holiday body!

Summer’s coming.
Holidays are booked
Shops are starting to fill with new collections of swimwear

And lots of people are not ready.

But now is the time to start making those steps to feeling confident on holiday and not panicking two weeks before, then you end up doing something drastic that makes you miserable (and 100% ensures you put any pre-holiday weight gain back on)

I’m going to give you my 5 Top Tips you MUST do now if you seriously want to look better in the Summer

Too many people do not move enough. We’re encouraged to do so much sitting these days. In work, travelling, coffee shops and not getting enough action.

To get great results, toning, defining and looking better you don’t need to do things you hate or take hours on end. Plan in your week to do 2-3 HIIT/Weight sessions and 2-3 walks.

You don’t have to do something every day, just aim for 3 times per week to start and STAY CONSISTENT.

You must do it regularly and if you really don’t like exercise – try and find something you do enjoy. You’ll have a far better chance of sticking to it. When you decide what you’d like to do START NOW!!

The LAST thing you need to do is think you’re going on a ‘Diet’ and restricting your food. All that will happen is you’ll obsess over what you can’t have, you’ll feel miserable, you’ll do more harm than good and because you won’t be giving your body what it needs and you’ll end up doing the opposite and over eating and telling yourself you’re a failure.

Anyone would be like that if they were surviving on too few calories and tiny meals.

Food is amazing, we should enjoy it and feel good from it.
Make sure you eat plenty of good, healthy real food.
Prep your meals
Keep them balanced and you will easily get that calorie deficit you need to lose weight

PLUS you can still have a little of what you fancy without feeling guilty!

Spending 10 mins on a Sunday writing down a quick plan of what you’ll do over the next 7 days could be the #1 task to help you stay focused and in control.

When you write things down, you re-confirm them.
You set tasks so you follow them
It gives you clarity on what to do.

Here’s a 7 day goal planning tick sheet I designed for you to follow.

Just tick the boxes once you’ve done the task and you’ll have so much more motivation each week.


Who else do you know that could help you?

Friend? Partner? Colleague? Family member? Trainer/Coach?

When you’re on your own it’s easy to give in on yourself and let yourself down.

I’ve spoken time and time again to women who desperately want to lose weight but STILL don’t take up the opportunity to get support and improve their chances of success.

When you make your goals public to at least one other person, it helps you to be a bit more accountable. Then take action on it. Get someone to help you. Someone who you can questions, who can keep your enthusiasm up and keep on going.

It really is not easy making change but you’ll get by with a little help from a friend!


Don’t leave it too late.

If you’ve got something you’re looking forward to get the date out now.

Work out how long you’ve got to make the change.

I’m going to pick a random date:

May 17th

That’s only 12 weeks away

What would you LOVE to achieve in 12 weeks?

Here are a few goals targets that I KNOW could be achieved depending on different goals:
Lose a pound a week
Drop a dress size
Get into those clothes that are a bit snug
Wear a vest top and be confident showing your arms
Put a bikini on and not feel like you have to breathe in

12 weeks could make a significant difference, in fact even if you had something coming up where you only had 3 or 4 weeks….or 15-18 weeks to go


  • February 22, 2018