Naughty Knitters!! LOL - Tara Hammett

Naughty Knitters!! LOL

I was creased yesterday!
So here’s the scene.
I’m in the hotel wanting a quite place to catch up with some work and
there’s group of about 8 ladies all knitting.
“Ah, a nice knitting group, they’ll be quiet and I’ll be productive’
WELL, I heard some stuff!
First up, Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing came on in the background, so the girls started
joking about how they wanted some sexual healing.
Then, one went on about her recent Faux Pas when she accidentally ‘farted’ in front of her new partner and he was mortified and told her off.
and the best yet….one lady agreed to go for a coffee with a gentleman that she’d met in her reading group, only to discover that he’d taken a viagra a little while before they met.
How I didn’t laugh I don’t know, but these ladies defo loved a gossip with their Purls, Yarns & Stitches
(or whatever knitting lingo they use)
Good for them, just goes to show you’re never too old to enjoy yourself and have some fun.
And the moral of my story.
No matter how old you are,
No matter how long you’ve been struggling with your weight,
No matter what you’ve tried and failed with in the past
No matter how unhappy and unconfident you’ve been
You can change anything.
If you’ve tried ‘all the diets under the sun’ and still struggling – you can do something new to change your habits and create a new lifestyle
If you’ve done exercise that you’v HATED and given up on – you can still do something you enjoy and doesn’t take up too much time in your day
If you’ve been been unhappy with your lifestyle and could quite easily just curl up under a blanket and hide away – you can still get some energy back and find your ‘get-up-and-go’
You’ve got an opportunity right now to make the changes you want now with the Life Taransformer programme.
All you’ve got to do is fill out the application below
It will get to a point though that it will be too late to join in.
But then there will always be another programme in about 3 months time, but what’s the point in waiting and making things worse in the process?
P.S Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about the ‘Bride Tribe’ and how they failed with their motivation to lose weight ready for the big day xx

Tara Hammett