My Warm Toffee Pancake OOZING - Tara Hammett

My Warm Toffee Pancake OOZING

….With Thick & Creamy Chocolate Sauce.
I ran out of enough pancake to
mop it all up on my plate..
But OMG Epic
Sometimes I’m so impatient for my food.
Very often I find that
I tell myself I’m going to make something nice
Get to the fridge and INSTANTLY
change my mind
Opting for something a bit quicker
but actually not as delicious.
But not yesterday.
I was chatting with my friend and
wonderful client Emma Heaven, and she was
telling me how she was looking forward
to her protein granola once I’d left
which got me thinking about
what I was going to have for breakfast.
In the car I decided I hadn’t had any pancakes
for a while and I fancied them.
Something YUMSTERS I wanted.
I walked into the house,
straight to the fridge and
ALMOST just grabbed some
chicken and salad stuff
to throw on a plate and get stuck into
But I had a word with myself.
“Spend just 5 more minutes
preparing something and
you can have what you really want.”
Instead of taking the fastest option and getting ‘MEH’
invest a little extra digging in
and have what you REALLY WANT.
It was worth it.
Those toffee pancakes, topped with
hot raspberries and a thick
chocolate protein sauce.
Put some sexy music on and that video
would out do a Marks and Sparks advert ANY DAY!!
Now this story doesn’t just have a good point for
my pancakes.
Imagine chatting with your friends
about how much you really want to lose weight
and actually LOVE your body.
So you decide..
THAT’S IT, I’ve had enough.
I’m tired of being ashamed of
squeezing my belly
into my clothes now…
..I’m going to do something about it.
So you KNOW that to get the results you want,
you have to dig in and invest a bit of time.
You could quite easily choose the easiest option
from time to time…i.e YOUR COMFORT ZONE
and do what you always do.
OR you could dig in and choose
a bit wiser most days and
get the results you want.
You could invest 12 mins each day into
toning your body…rather than sitting
on the settee with a boxset on TV
whilst flicking between all your social
media apps on your phone.
You could invest a bit of brain power into
creating a delicious recipe from my cookbook
rather than grabbing whatever convenient
junk you’ve got hanging around in your cupboards
and it actually being a bit MEH when
you eat it anyway.
You could start TODAY rather than thinking
NAH…try again Monday…or next month…
or even  next year…
Up to you…
depends how much you want it.
I really wanted that pancake…so I did it…
and enjoyed it!
Same could be you for your lifestyle.
^^ Pancake recipes are here BTW ^^
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
P.S Putting the finishing touches to Novembers INNER CIRCLE recipes, workouts and
recommended reading info….OH MY CARBONARARARARARARARA…..
Plus all those in November WILL be getting a Tara Time Bonus 😉
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  • October 30, 2015