My Top Belly Fat Reducing Tips - Tara Hammett

My Top Belly Fat Reducing Tips

This is so often an area I’m asked about so I thought I’d give you my top tips on how you can reduce belly fat and give you a bit of an insight as to why it can be so stubborn to shift.

Without getting a bit too deep and scientific on you, there are many hormones to think about. Amongst others you have:

Insulin – which is released to control blood sugar levels will decreases fat release, increase fat storage and decrease fat burning. The more carbohydrates (starches & sugars) you eat, the more you encourage this to happen.

Cortisol – the stress hormone – encourages fat storage around the belly.

Both of these along with oestrogen (which again encourages fat around this area) is a recipe for fat storage in this stubborn spot.

Another thing about this type of fat is that it’s subcutaneous fat (the stuff you can grab) and that has less blood flow that visceral fat (the deep fat) so will take longer to burn. Plus this type of fat has more receptors on that are slow at releasing fat, so you can see many reasons beyond calories as to why so many get frustrated with this problematic podge.

However there are a few things you can do to help:

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  1. Decrease carbohydrates to decrease insulin – avoiding sugars and starches in favour of lean protein, healthy fats and non- starchy veg.
  2. Sleep  – this will help reduce stress as well as switching on fat burning hormones whilst your sleeping
  3. Don’t ‘Diet’ and do extreme things as this can cause stress and increase cortisol. Instead focus on a healthy eating plan with plenty of whole foods and balanced meals (like any of my recipes )
  4. Do resistance training with weights or body weight (this creates a great hormonal response to switch on fat release) and some low intensity activity like walking (which is fab for using up the fat released and also enjoyable to reduce stress). Plus, exercise is great for increasing blood flow.
  5. Take time out to relax. Even if this means not working out. Exercise is a stressor too and if you’re going extreme this will increase cortisol. So remember rest is just as important as exercise.
  6. Dry skin brushing – this is great to do for the whole body, invigorating and can stimulate blood flow.


Keep fit & fab


Tara x


Tara Hammett